Why should I use 2.5inch pipe bender machine SB-63NC equipment?

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Performance characteristics of pipe bender

At present, many pipe bender machines on the market have the advantages of high transmission power, high control accuracy, and fast response speed, but they also have some shortcomings, such as: because the manipulators move too much, the production power is low; the machine has significant losses and shortened service life; the required number of operators, enormous labor costs, and high product costs. Therefore, the Heli 2.5inch pipe bender machine SB-63NC manufacturer proposed to use the motor hydraulic hybrid drive in the further discussion so that the most reasonable drive method can be selected locally with the advantages of motor and hydraulic to reduce production costs, improve production power, and improve processing accuracy.

The 2.5inch pipe bender machine SB-63NC, developed by a China pipe bender machine supplier, solves problems such as irregular machining angles and rough surface of products, and grinding on grinding machines. High noise, low noise. Generally, people who have not used it can use processed bending products after two training days. The curved product angle is of a high standard, and its surface is smooth.

2.5inch pipe bender machine SB-63NC is an ideal tool for producing stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, etc. Using technology and development, the design space is reasonable. The unique feature of our 2.5inch pipe bender machine SB-63NC is that it can be used in boilers, steel bars, aerospace, and other pipelines. Our equipment has a good design, simple operation, and high efficiency. It is a necessary bending processing equipment for enterprises nowadays. Bringing profit to the enterprise and saving labor costs, this pipe bender is a unique tool for welding front-end pipes or slabs for chamfering and beveling. Many people may ask, what should I do if I want to use the 2.5inch pipe bender machine SB-63NC that has been placed for a long time for a second time? Let me tell you how to use it! Add some lubricating oil to it before use so that each conveying tissue usually rotates and does not show much wear and tear. We only need to put the 2.5inch pipe bender machine SB-63NC into operation under normal conditions when unloaded.

When a pipe bender is not used for a long time, how to store a pipe bender is a problem many Chinese pipe bender machine suppliers find challenging to solve. Heli Machinery found a lot of improper storage, which could cause the pipe bender to show one type of failure. Here’s how to learn how to properly place a pipe bender to reach a longer service life.

Place it parallel to the ground so that the accessories are not skewed. There should be relevant voids around the 2.5inch pipe bender machine SB-63NC, which is also convenient to repair later. To close the power supply, clean up the fittings in the pipe bender and clean up impurities and rust.

If the pipe bender fails, what aspects should be checked? Can pipe bender manufacturers take you to know about it? It mainly includes the following elements: whether the hydraulic system of the pipe bender usually works; whether the hydraulic pump has abnormal phenomena; the time and results of hydraulic oil detection cleanliness; filter cleaning, and replacement; whether the hydraulic components have been adjusted before the failure; whether the sealing elements have been replaced; what abnormalities have occurred in the hydraulic system of the bender before and after the loss; what faults have occurred in the system in the past and how were they cleaned Etc., touch the temperature rise, oscillation, crawling and tightness of the joint to determine whether the moving parts of the hydraulic system of the pipe bender are usually working. The functional status of the hydraulic system of the pipe bender, and observe whether there are problems with system pressure, speed, oil, leakage, vibration, etc. Listen to the sound of the hydraulic system of the pipe bender, such as impact sound, pump noise, and abnormal sound; determine whether the hydraulic system is usually working. Touch the temperature rise, oscillation, crawl, and tightness of the joint to determine whether the moving parts of the hydraulic system of the pipe bender are usually working.

How to maintain the pipe bender?

  1. When operating the 2.5inch pipe bender machine SB-63NC, it is necessary to follow the operating regulations strictly.
  2.  It is necessary to keep the pipe bender clean. Apply anti-rust grease to the unpainted parts.
  3. Before starting the 2.5inch pipe bender machine SB-63NC, smooth oil should be added punctually, fixedly, and quantitatively according to the requirements of the smooth chart. The oil should be clean and free of precipitation.
  4. Check the repair switch regularly, secure it, handle it, and ensure it works reliably.
  5.  The smooth oil in the motor bearing should be replaced and refilled regularly, and often check whether the motor part is working correctly.
  6. Check regularly for damage to the triangle belt, handles, knobs, and buttons, and replace them for severe wear.
  7. Non-designated personnel are prohibited from operating the equipment, and it is often necessary to stop people from the aircraft.
  8.  Refuel the 2.5inch pipe bender machine SB-63NC for smooth and clean pipe bender 10 minutes before work every day.

Application prospect of 2.5inch pipe bender machine SB-63NC

Our customer said that the pipe bender purchased before had many disadvantages such as high cost and untimely supply of spare parts, which seriously limited the production capacity of the company’s pipeline construction. The 2.5inch pipe bender machine SB-63NC mainly adopts hydraulic technology. It has the characteristics of an excellent power-to-weight ratio, simple structure due to the use of the hydraulic system, etc., which meets the features of complex field construction conditions for customer companies and can meet field construction needs.

With the progress and development of pipeline technology, the transportation of crude oil and refined oil products has changed from trains and automobiles to long-distance oil and gas pipelines. In laying oil pipelines, pipes often need to be simmered due to dead ends or bypassing obstacles. Therefore, simmering pipes are mostly cold-simmered by a pipe bender when constructing in the field. A deep understanding of industry technology and production, combined with advanced computer-aided design, makes it unique. With long-term experience in production commissioning and grasping the latest technology, the Heli-2.5inch pipe bender machine SB-63NC supplier handles every aspect of production management thoroughly and thoughtfully and aims to be your trusted partner.

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