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Zhangjiagang Heli Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a China pipe cutting machine supplier. The company was established in 2006 and is located in the south of the Yangtze River, a famous civilized city in China. Located on Jiangong Road, with convenient transportation, advanced Pipe&Tube bending machine, durable pipe cutting machine, fancy aluminum profile cutting machine, classy tube end forming machine, latest design chamfering machine, quality Rolling machine, etc. are our main products.

With unremitting efforts, Heli Machinery’s main products have passed CE certification and successfully entered the EU market, and passed the ISO9001 quality management system demonstration. Strict quality management, perfect after-sales service, and reasonable market prices are the prerequisites for our competition. We always aim to be the best professional metal pipe processing equipment, manufacturer!

Heli Machinery’s metal pipe processing equipment covers all parts of the country .We  are well received and trusted by users. Heli Machinery has an existing plant of approximately 5,900 square meters, equipped with 2 machining centers, 6 lathes, 1 boring machine, and 10 drilling machines. Our products include advanced metal circular sawing machine (pipe cutting machine), pipe bending machine, newest pipe shrinking machine, durable gear grinding machine, bending machine, riveting machine,customized aluminum cutting machine, fancy chamfering machine, latest design rounding machine and other categories, nearly 60 kinds Pipe processing machine.

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Professional Metal Pipe Processing Equipment produced by Heli Machinery is widely used in aerospace, rail transit, automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, strollers, steel furniture, leisure and tourism products, air conditioning, shipbuilding, sanitary equipment, pipe making, steel processing and other industries ,

It is an ideal equipment for cutting, shrinking, bending and riveting various pipes and profiles.Heli Machinery continues to introduce high-tech talents and continuously innovate products. The design team of Heli Machinery has been studying at the forefront of product design.Strive for products such as Latest design Rolling machine and newest Chamfering machine,In order to promote the continuous improvement of the company’s sales performance and product quality.

The series of products such as Customized Tube end forming machine and classy Pipe&Tube bending machine produced by Heli Machinery are well received by customers at home and abroad.Heli Machinery’s products apply various advanced technologies to meet the technical requirements and functional applications of similar foreign products, and strive to achieve the domestic leading level of product technology.Strive for product technology to reach the world’s leading level.

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Heli Machinery's professional metal pipe processing equipment has passed international certification, and more than 1,000 customers have cooperated with us, and they are still increasing. Since its establishment, Heli Machinery has been striving to innovate product performance and achieve Aluminum profile cutting machine, Rolling machine, Pipe cutting The technological innovation of products such as machine, Tube end forming machine, etc. responds to customer needs in a timely manner. Heli Machinery Manufacturing has been improving customer satisfaction. Our customers are located in many countries!


Since its establishment, Heli Machinery has been taking the slogan of quickly responding to customer needs as its slogan, always considering and patiently listening to customer needs, whether it is pre-sales service or after-sales service, we can respond in a timely manner , in order to protect the rights and interests of customers, we are our customers Provide more than 12 months of product quality assurance, so that our customers more trust in Heli Machinery's products, please believe that Heli professional metal pipe processing equipment manufacturer is your trustworthy partner.


The technical team of Heli Machinery is composed of a number of senior mechanical engineers and new product development backbones, with rich experience in product development, such as advanced metal circular sawing machine, durable pipe cutting machine, fancy aluminum profile cutting machine, latest design chamfering machine, classy With tube end forming machine and other products, the technical team of Heli Machinery has rich experience in product design and development. Heli Machinery Manufacturing provides customers with mature technical support!


For our customers, it is very rare to have experience in manufacturing precision machines! For this reason, as a Professional Metal Pipe Processing Equipment Manufacturer, Heli Machinery provides customers with a technical team with rich product experience from a professional perspective! So as to help customers solve the problems of aluminum profile cutting machine, pipe end forming machine, thread rolling machine, pipe bending machine, pipe cutting machine, chamfering machine and other products! Heli Machinery will provide you with high-quality technical support services!


Heli Machinery has always been committed to ensuring customer satisfaction and becoming the best Professional Metal Pipe Processing Equipment partner for customers! Heli Machinery provides customers with the most practical Pipe Processing Equipment design plan according to customer needs, ensuring the delivery time of Pipe Processing Equipment and reasonable and fair pricing. We are committed to achieving a win-win situation with customers and creating a win-win situation with customers. Brilliant achievements.


Every member of the product development team of Heli Machinery knows the importance of the product value of Pipe Processing Equipment such as Rolling machine, Tube end forming machine, Pipe&Tube bending machine, Chamfering machine, Aluminum profile cutting machine, Pipe cutting machine to customers! This is why Heli Machinery has a process to follow from selecting the right model to installing the equipment. Based on this understanding, we provide customized design Pipe Processing Equipment solutions for different industries!

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our certificates

We focus on the quality of our products and the research and development of our patented technology. We always believe that technology and quality are the fundamentals of a company’s long-term development. We hope to use our patented technology to help us become a leading company in the industry.

As of 2022 HELI has been in the machinery manufacturing industry for 15 years and our reputation in the industry is clear to all. Choosing HELI Machinery will be the best decision you have ever made. Click the button to get in touch with us now!


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Heli Machinery continues to improve customer satisfaction, always considers and patiently listens to customer needs, whether it is pre-sales service or after-sales service, we can respond in a timely manner to ensure product quality.



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