Some Questions About Aluminum Profile Cutting Machine

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The all-aluminum home furnishing industry in Europe and the United States has enjoyed an extraordinary situation. Various all-aluminum home furnishing customizations have sprung up like mushrooms after a rain. Improper use will also bring us a lot of unexpected hazards and even endanger safety. All-aluminum home production customized aluminum profile cutting machine produced by Heli machinery manufacturer. Do you know that you must abide by specific rules of use?

What Is The Reason For The Burr In The Aluminum Profile Cutting Machine?buy Heli Aluminum profile cutting machine

First of all, whether the spindle accuracy of the equipment is stable and whether it can reach 0.001mm. Generally, the equipment spindles of equipment manufacturers are installed with more than 0.003mm. It is difficult for such a spindle to make the sawing workpiece without burrs, and the spindle accuracy is not high.

As a result, the saw blade swing is serious, damage to the blade head of the saw blade and the problem of burrs. Therefore, if the product has no burrs, it is necessary to find a precision saw, and control it from the source to ensure that the following sawing process does not. Something went wrong.

Secondly, the rotating speed of the saw blade is one of the reasons for cutting burrs. Why do we say that? We all know that the rotating speed of the saw blade has specific regulations, which cannot be too fast or too slow, mainly according to the thickness of the cutting material.

And depending on the diameter of the saw blade, conventional saw blades generally require a sawing speed of more than 3800r/min and a saw blade with a small outer diameter or a thin material with a higher sawing speed to ensure the surface finish of the sawing. Therefore, if the automatic aluminum cutting machine can process qualified products, it is necessary to select the appropriate saw blade speed according to the sawing profile.

Finally, the aluminum cutting machine mustn’t be equipped with a lubrication and cooling device. During the sawing process, the aluminum workpiece will have immense friction with the saw blade head, and the temperature of the saw blade surface will rise sharply. In this state, if you do not do some cooling and cooling work on the saw blade, it will cause the saw blade to deform, and the problem of burrs that affect the sawing effect will be found out.

At this time, it is necessary to install a minimum quantity lubrication system. The oil volume of 0.05 ml per second sprays the aluminum cutting fluid onto the saw blade, thereby reducing the temperature of the saw blade, to ensure that the automatic aluminum cutting machine can run smoothly and ensure that no sawing occurs—glitch problem.

How Does The Aluminum Profile Cutting Machine Solve The Problem Of Saw Blade Burr?

The saw blade of the aluminum profile cutting machine has been passivated after long-term use, and it should be re-sharpened and sharpened before use.

The overlapping position of the saw blade and the blade groove of the angle cutting machine is too shallow. Adjust the blade groove and the saw blade to the correct part for use.

The gap between the kerfs of the saw blade of the angle cutting machine is too large. Generally speaking, the hole should not be greater than 2.5mm.

Some metal scraps, metal fragments, etc., are involved in the slot of the saw blade of the aluminum profile cutting machine, which should be cleaned before starting the operation.

The tail of the aluminum profile cutting machine is not set correctly, which will lead to the incorrect adjustment of the feeding positioning baffle of the saw blade of the angle cutting machine and deviation during the start-up process.

A section of the cutting saw blade of the angle cutting machine is passivated, and the linear speed of this position is different from that of other props, so there will be burrs.

The guide wheel of the saw blade of the angle cutting machine is not adjusted correctly, which leads to the appearance of deterioration

The saw blade feeding program of the chamfering machine is not set correctly, leading to deviation.

Reasons For The Lack Of Precision Of The Aluminum Profile Cutting MachineChina Aluminum profile cutting machine suppliers

The power of the aluminum profile cutting machine is minimal. The standard plane cutting relies on two 24V stepper motors to provide energy, so the emphasis is minimal, and the trajectory will change when it receives external force. Hence, it is suitable for small and portable use. Among them, the X-axis and Y-axis’s cleanliness and lubrication are directly related. When the two-track directions are dirty or there are foreign objects, the cutting accuracy will be distorted.

Although the distortion is alleviated after adding lubricating oil, the accuracy of the equipment is not as good as when it was newly purchased. In the final analysis, it is still due to the rail lubrication. There are some greasy or foreign objects on the rail or on the gears, which affects accuracy. The correct way, after adding lubricating oil on the track. Use both hands to hold the electrode to do the same movement to grind away the foreign matter between the gear and the rack.

The so-called aluminum profile cutting machine lacks precision; that is, it cannot reach the previous accuracy in use, such as the cutting circle is not round, the cutting line is not straight, etc. When many people see portable distortion, they first think that it is caused by the loss of steps of the stepper motor. Although the loss of actions of the stepper motor may exist, it generally does not occur.

Aluminum Profile Cutting Safe Machine Operation

  • Before working, make a detailed inspection of the power switch, the tightness of the saw blade, the saw blade guard, or the safety baffle. The operating table must be stable, and there should be sufficient lighting for night operations.
  • Turn on the main switch, and try to rotate for a few laps at idling. Only after confirming the safety is allowed to start.
  • It is strictly forbidden to wear gloves when the aluminum profile cutting machine is working. If dust is caused during operation, wear a mask or face shield.
  • Do not try to cut smaller and shorter workpieces that are not clamped. This cutting machine is only allowed to cut aluminum profiles.
  • Do not perform vital cutting and sawing operations. Before cutting, let the machine idle for more than 10 seconds to make the motor reach full speed.
  • No one can stand at the discharge port behind the saw to prevent the short material from flying out and hurting people.
  • Do not lean over or bypass the saw machine, and do not perform any operations from the saw edge when the saw blade of the aluminum profile cutting machine is not stopped.
  • Do not operate when the shield is not in place, and do not place your hands within 15 cm from the saw blade.
  • Before repairing or replacing accessories, the power must be cut off, and the saw blade stops completely.
  • If an abnormal sound is found, the aluminum profile cutting machine should stop checking immediately.

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