Analysis of the bender to increase the efficiency of production

  Bender standard die bender die is divided into bender upper and lower die for sheet metal stamping forming and separation of the mold. The mold for forming has a cavity, and the mold for separation has an edge.

Plastic crushers have a pivotal role in the development of the entire plastics industry, we can imagine that without these plastic crushers, there are great obstacles to the recycling of our plastic products. Many large plastic products at the end of the scrap can not be recycled. Originally manufactured when the processing and use of materials are more, and later scrapped after the waste is greater, resulting in greater environmental pollution. But if you use the plastic crusher, through the bending machine mold crushing process, you can get the same amount of raw materials as the original plastic products, which is also equal to the increase in raw materials and cost savings. So we are talking about increased benefits, not only in the manufacturing process of the production line to increase the benefits, in fact, in the raw materials to increase the benefits are also a significant number.

Bender mold is a bender used to shape the processing of sheet tools, this tool has a variety of parts, different mold consists of different parts. It is mainly through the physical state of the formed material changes to achieve the processing of the shape of the item. Used in the bender under the action of pressure to make the blank into a specific shape and size of the tooling.

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