Bender motor troubleshooting methods

  Automatic pipe bender is a newly developed machine in recent years, it can be said that China's automatic machinery industry is developing at a rapid pace, and the level of development of automatic machine tools, its automatic machine tool functional components play an extremely important role.

Machine tool functional parts is one of the most important part of the automatic machine tool, China’s enterprises have always attached great importance to its development, in recent years, China’s automatic machine tool functional parts development has made great progress, however, China’s automatic machine tool functional parts have been in the “heavy host, light supporting”, “foreign light soil “such a general environment, rowing against the current, difficult growth. In particular, the high price of imported functional components has led to the high cost of domestic high-grade host products, which directly undermines the competitiveness of domestic machine tools and imported machine tools to compete. Autonomous intellectual property rights into the hearts of producers, focus on research and development, is to improve profits.

Bender motor failure causes: bender motor repair, stator winding turns reduce too much; power supply voltage is too high; Y connected bender motor motor misconnection for Δ; bender motor motor assembly, the rotor is installed in reverse, so that the stator core is not aligned, the effective length is shortened; air gap is too large or uneven; overhaul removal of the old winding, the use of improper thermal demolition method, so that the core burned.

Troubleshooting: Rewind the stator winding, restore the correct number of turns; try to restore the rated voltage; bender motor rewired to Y; reassembly; replace the new rotor or adjust the air gap; overhaul the core or recalculate the winding, the appropriate increase in the number of turns.

High-speed, high-precision, five-axis linkage, composite machine tools is the main direction of the future development of machine tools, machine tool functional components are bound to develop around this theme, so as to meet the needs of machine tool manufacturers. It can be said that since out of innovation has been the direction of manufacturers’ efforts, development is the forward goal of manufacturers, with such a concept, China’s automatic industry is bound to achieve greater competitiveness in the world. 

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