Bender purchase needs to understand the following factors

 Bender major special projects in science and technology to focus on the development of aerospace, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, power generation equipment manufacturing and other needs of high-grade CNC machine bender equipment and CNC bender machine tools, “gradually improve our high-grade CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment independent development capabilities to meet the basic needs of the major domestic industries on manufacturing equipment” . As one of the key national support industries, in recent years, the government has invested a lot of money for the research and development of large passenger aircraft in the aerospace industry. These developments are all aspects, we draw out the aspects related to the bender mold to analyze, focusing on the use of structural parts materials. So what aspects do we need to consider when buying a pipe bender? The following is a professional from Jiangyin Hongye machinery to introduce you to.
First, the bender workpiece factors. In order to this professional mold and bender before, must be a good consideration for the processing of the workpiece, on top of that, the tonnage is small, small volume is the most fundamental requirement, while then ensure high efficiency, of course, but also in combination with the size of the workpiece, if the size of the workpiece is too large, their own purchase table is too small can not work, so the first should work to consider, but there are differences in this aspect of the application Some are professional workpiece processing, it is necessary to bender and mold adaptability relatively higher, that is, after their one-time cost investment, after the other workpiece above can still then use.
Second, the factor of saving materials. Its main job is to turn the material into the parts to be used, but in the process of using the material, some benders and benders tool big use of material, which also increases the cost, and some in the use of the process, to achieve material savings, so this aspect of the factors must also be taken into account.
Third, the operability factor. Because the operational performance of the bender is also related to the production of human and technical inputs, and in this regard, while naturally increasing the cost of inputs, there are many different classifications in the operation of the above, so if the professional processing, or a large number of workpiece processing, or should consider buying an easy to control the bender, because it works at the same time, reducing the number of personnel control and The content of technical input, and naturally reduces the cost of production.
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