Bender system structure details

Bender different process objects of the CNC pipe bender bending process is different, the structure of the CNC pipe bender in three ways.
1. the use of CNC systems; this can be achieved directly according to the different bending requirements directly programmed, it is more powerful, more free, but requires a high level of operator programming to control!
2. The use of PLG and position, touch screen, AC servo drive unit combination; this way to support xyz coordinates, high hardware reliability, easier to develop.
3. The use of software visualization program way; nowadays, the rapid development of computer intelligence, the full use of computer resources, this way not only has the 2nd way, but also the use of CNC pipe bending mechanical interference.
Since the 1990s, China’s rapid economic development, a variety of infrastructure needs also keep growing, the requirements of the metal tube is also getting higher and higher, its shape more complex, and so also urged the continuous updating of the bender system, the traditional two-dimensional bender also gradually fade out of the market, and the three-dimensional bender came into being, that is, CNC pipe bender!

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