Bending machine in the furniture industry

 Bender for the furniture industry is a must-use equipment. In the seat side of the pipe bending equipment mainly double-headed bender and single-headed bender these two types of equipment. Furniture industry pipe diameter is not very large, so the main model of double-headed bender SW-38NC double-headed bender. And single-head bender DW-38NC and DW-50NC hydraulic pipe bender these two models of equipment.
  Single-headed bender and double-headed bender mainly in the table and chairs have a great role. In the furniture industry pipe expansion and contraction equipment is also inevitable. Tube shrinkage and expansion are required to have our shrinkage machine and expansion machine collectively known as tube end forming machine. This equipment allows two tubes to be seamlessly docked. It is perfect. These types of our equipment can be found everywhere in the furniture industry manufacturers. No matter who has the independent production of table and chair frames have our equipment.

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