Maintenance And Application Of China Metal Tube Bending Machine?

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Metal tube bending machine is mainly used for plastic forming of pipes, roughly divided into CNC pipe bender, hydraulic pipe bending machine, etc. The metal tube bending machine has the advantages of multiple functions, reasonable structure, simple operation, easy movement, and fast installation. China metal tube bending machine factory has developed a variety of precision metal tube bending machines.

Metal tube bending machine needs attention to maintenance and maintenance in daily use. The following is the China metal tube bending machine factory to introduce you to the daily care of metal tube bending machines:

1. Clean the sliding parts of the metal tube bending machine. Lubricating oil should be added after cleaning to reduce the wear of the metal tube bending machine parts. The mold, guide rail, and gearbox surface should be cleaned every shift. Whether the lubricating oil index of the fuel tank is standard and whether the movement range of each mechanical part is stuck or not.

2. On the electrical side, check whether the button indicator light is abnormal, check whether the connection of the electrical control cabinet to the whole machine of the pipe bender is smooth, and the link should be firm. Check that the various action buttons of the metal tube bending machine are in the correct position.

3. The hydraulic system mainly checks the sensitivity of each solenoid valve to check whether there is a jamming valve phenomenon and whether the joint has oil leakage. Whether the pressure pointer range of each pressure gauge is standard.

4. Check whether the movement of each tightening part is free to ensure stable and safe movement. If wear is severe, it is essential to replace it in time.

5. Check the surface finish of each hydraulic cylinder to whether there is any pulling phenomenon. If there is a drawing mark, replace it in time, and replace the cylinder seal in time because if there is a scratch on the surface of the bender cylinder, the seal will be damaged.

6. Adjust the bearing clearance between the spindle and the head of the metal tube bending machine. Under a specific processing frequency, the gap between the spindle is sure to be enlarged. At this point, it is necessary to adjust the opening properly.


Introduction of metal tube bending machine:

1. High processing precision and stable quality metal tube bending machine has adopted a variety of technical measures to improve machining accuracy and ensure quality stability:

  • A CNC program for processing automatically controls the metal tube bending machine. In the process of work, manual intervention is generally not required, which eliminates errors or errors caused by the operator;
  • The mechanical structure of the metal tube bending machine is designed and manufactured according to the requirements of precision machine tools. It adopts high-precision transmission parts such as ball screws and rolling guides, and the metal tube bending machine has high rigidity, good thermal stability, and vibration resistance;
  • The pulse equivalent or minimum setting unit of the servo transmission system can reach 10 Pm to 0.5Pm. At the same time, closed-loop or semi-closed loop control with detection feedback is primarily used in work, with error correction or compensation function, which can further improve the accuracy and stability;

The CNC machining center has a tool magazine and automatic tool changer, which can complete multi-faceted and multi-process machining of the workpiece after one clamping, minimizing the influence of clamping errors.

Flexible automation, with a wide range of adaptability,Since the metal tube bending machine adopts CNC program control, and most of the general-purpose tooling is used in processing, automatic processing of new parts can be realized as long as the CNC program is changed. Therefore, the metal tube bending machine can adapt to the requirements of the current market for continuous product renewal and solve many varieties, mediums, and The problem of automation of small-batch production.

Can realize the processing of complex parts,since the metal tube bending machine adopts computer interpolation and multi-coordinate linkage control technology, the metal tube bending machine can realize arbitrary trajectory movement, process any complex shape spatial surface, and conveniently complete various molds such as propellers, steam turbine blades, and automobile shape stamping dies—processing of difficult curved parts.

High production efficiency,The metal tube bending machine minimizes the maneuver and additional time required for machining parts, significantly increasing production efficiency.

The feed movement and most of the main activities of the metal tube bending machine adopt step-less speed regulation, and the speed regulation range is significant, so each process can choose the best cutting speed and feed speed;

Good structural stiffness and vibration resistance allow the machine to use large cutting amounts and vital cutting;

Generally, there is no need for downtime to test the workpiece, which effectively reduces the downtime in machine tool processing;

When China metal tube bending machine factory designs moving parts of the machine tool, automatic acceleration and deceleration measures are used in positioning, so it can choose high air stroke motion speed, which significantly saves auxiliary movement time;

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The metal tube bending machine machining center can adopt automatic tool change and automatic exchange worktable measures. The workpiece can be clamped once, and multi-faceted and multi-process processing can be carried out, which significantly reduces the auxiliary time of workpiece clamping and toolsets;
The centralized processing process can reduce parts turnover, reduce the number of equipment and plant areas, and bring great convenience to production scheduling and management.

Reduce labor intensity and improve working conditions,Since the operator of the metal tube bending machine mainly uses the operation panel to operate the automatic processing of the machine tool, the labor intensity of the metal tube bending machine operator is significantly reduced, the production conditions are improved, and one person can easily manage multiple machines.

It is conducive to modern production and management,The metal tube bending machine is used for processing, which can conveniently and accurately calculate the machining hours of parts or carry out automatic machining statistics, accurately calculate the production and processing cost, and facilitate the scientific management of the production process. Metal tube bending machine is the foundation of advanced manufacturing systems such as computer-aided design and manufacturing, group control or distributed control, flexible manufacturing systems, and computer integrated manufacturing systems.

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