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Today, China pipe bender manufacturers mainly introduce you to the Durable Pipe & Tube bending machines.


The durable pipe & tube bending machine is made of thick steel plate welded construction, which can remove ground stress. High quality imported sealing ring is adopted, so it is more stable. There are several Durable Pipe & Tube bending machines: Advanced Electric Pipe Bender, Low Price Hydraulic Bender, Customized CNC Pipe Bending Machine. The Advanced Electric Pipe Bender is a pure electric vehicle driven by 1 electric motor, 1 gearbox, and a transmission gear chain.

Performance parameters:

  1. Standard display information text: Chinese (other readers can be changed according to requirements)
  2. Larger elbow G code memory volume is 150 groups, and the number of sets can be programmed up to 10 bends.
  3. Input the main parameters of bending immediately, and the Durable Pipe&Tube bending machine can be fully automatic when starting and can be stopped urgently. The memory storage time of working G code and elbow G code is unlimited, and it is not easy to stream G code due to power outages or long-term non-application.
  4. The Durable Pipe & Tube Bending Machine carries out fully automatic production and processing together, and the control board throws can type or write G code.

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The durable pipe&tube bending machine dissolves the elbow posture, and each uses a hydraulic press to drive the clamp, bend the elbow, auxiliary retreat, core advance, and retreat. Durable Pipe & Tube Bending Machine is a general floor plan winding type automatic customized pipe & tube bending machine; China pipe bender manufacturers produce and manufacture the elbow posture is fully automated, but its feeding, Three-dimensional corners, etc. can only be carried out by manual service with the help of fixed length and viewing angle accurate positioning gear.

Durable Pipe&Tube bending machine is a servo motor to replace the hydraulic press can each control the car feeding and retreat, tilt the angle of rotation, elbow bending, auxiliary withdrawal, engine lift, etc., but its clamping back clamp; core retraction is still driven by the hydraulic press or standard air pressure, it’s with durable Pipe&Tube The difference between bending machines depends on the continuity of manufacturing, the precision of production and processing, and the three-dimensional forming of the pipe.

The above introduces the common types and parameters of the Durable Pipe & Tube bending machine by China pipe bender manufacturers. Everyone must pay attention to the parameter setting of each component of the Durable Pipe & Tube bending machine. It is directly related to whether it works properly when bending the pipe. Be sure to follow the instruction manual when setting the parameters.

 processing types:

There are many types of customized pipe & tube bending machines. Based on form, it can be broadly divided into three categories: die bending methods, moldless bending methods, and rolling bending methods. The processing methods of Customized Pipe & Tube bending machines are based on whether they are heated or not and can be broadly divided into two categories: hot bending methods and cold bending methods. Based on the presence or absence of fillers, it can be broadly divided into two categories, methods with fillers and methods without fillers.

In recent years, the production technology of China pipe bender manufacturers has developed even more. The R&D team of China pipe bender manufacturers has developed several technologies such as zero radii, thermal stress, and laser forming.

Technical introduction :

 Rolling bend

The special feature of this method is that the metal pipe material is bent with rollers, and three rollers can be used. It works the same as plate bending, and of course, there are differences between them. The rollers used in the former are consistent with the required working surface.

mold bending

This method refers to placing the steel pipe in the serpentine Customized Pipe & Tube bending machine model, and the bending and forming result is achieved by some means. It includes three methods: pushing and bending method, bending method, and turning process.

Modeless bending

This method is most suitable for large-diameter, thick-walled, or high-strength steel pipes. It is a method that uses local heating. Heating methods can be broadly divided into two categories; one is a flame heating method, and the second is the medium frequency induction method.

 Zero radius

This type of bending is most appropriate for pipe fittings with very small radii.

Thermal stress

This method is to deform parts of the workpiece at different temperatures.

Customized pipe & tube bending machine drive mode:

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Pipe&Tube bending machine is called bending “pipe,” in fact, it can also turn “I-beam,” “channel steel,” “angle iron,” “wire,” etc.; it can also roll coil, “u” tube, halfpipe, incense tube, etc. The primary drive methods of the Customized Pipe & Tube bending machine mainly include the following three types: motor drive, hydraulic drive, and motor hydraulic hybrid drive.

Motor drive

There are many ways to drive gears, strips, cams, connecting rods, and other organizations through the motor, and plan a customized pipe & tube bending machine that meets the requirements according to the situation. Most organizations and equipment use the motor drive method as the power source in today’s modern industry. This design by China pipe bender manufacturers powers the real action of the entire kit.

Hydraulic drive

Hydraulic transmission and control systems are widely used in all walks of life due to their advantages of high transmission power, control precision, fast response speed, and easy completion of electro-liquid-integrated control. The fully active Customized Pipe & Tube bending machine powered by hydraulic power is a new type of pipe turning organization, which has the advantages of reasonable structure, easy operation, safe use, fast loading and unloading, and multiple uses in one machine. Following the continuous development of industrial skills, hydraulic transmission skills are among the skills of rapid growth in mechanical equipment – one, especially in recent years, has entered a new stage of development.

Motor hydraulic hybrid drive

Customized pipe&tube bending machine has the advantages of high transmission power, high control precision, and fast response speed. Still, it also has some shortcomings, such as: because the manipulator moves too much, the production power is low, the machine loss is large, the service life is shortened, the service life is compressed, the need for more operators, the labor cost is higher, the product cost is higher.

Manufacturers-heli further discussed and proposed the use of motor hydraulic hybrid drive, so that reasonable drive methods can be selected locally with the advantages of motors and hydraulics to reduce production costs, improve production power, and improve machining accuracy.

The above introduces parameters and production technology of pipe & tube bending machines by China pipe bender manufacturers. If you need to buy Pipe & Tube bending machine or need a customized Pipe & Tube bending machine, welcome to contact China pipe bender manufacturers-heli.

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