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With the development of the automobile, air conditioning, and other industries, the precision requirements for pipe end forming are getting higher and higher, especially when it comes to multi-process pipe end forming, including groove and chamfering. Ordinary two-station and three-station pipe end forming machines can no longer meet the requirements of high precision and multi-process.

As a result, the station conversion and punching depth adjustment of this multi-station tube end forming machine from China tube end forming machine manufacturer are controlled by the servo system, with high precision and fast response. In addition, an automatic loading and unloading device is added to realize multiple pipe port processing and unloading by feeding and changing stations.china tube end forming machine manufacturer

What is the principle of the molding machine

China tube end forming machine manufacturer is suitable for processing complex shapes of pipe ends. It has three stations or more and can automatically change the mold to ensure machining accuracy: manual and arbitrary automatic selection, NC control, man-machine dialogue operation, and automatic counting function. Changing dies, shrinking tubes, and flaring can be machined, and chamfering dies are equipped, so that chamfering can be processed at one time.

Different molds can be used to flare, shrink, shrink, drum, pier, and decide to use manual, jog, or automatic processing of pipe fittings according to user requirements. It is mainly composed of an oil tank, body, slider, main cylinder, limit cylinder, pressing cylinder, displacement cylinder, axial positioning cylinder, axial positioning touch iron, and other parts.

by setting a tubular throttle valve on the primary cylinder circuit so that the operating speed of the main cylinder can be adjusted; superimposed hydraulic control check valve is placed on the pressing cylinder circuit, can ensure that the mold clamping process is not loose; the displacement cylinder, limit cylinder, axial positioning cylinder circuit are all set up superimposed two-way throttle valve, can adjust the two-way movement speed of the cylinder.

The shift cylinder and the limit cylinder use the conversion station together, making the station conversion convenient and accurate so that the processing quality of the part can be ensured.

The pipe end forming machine is widely used in the processing and forming of connecting parts such as pipe connection, automobile oil pipe, water pipe, air conditioning pipe, etc., and is an ideal pipe end forming processing equipment.

China Tube End Forming Machine Manufacturer Market SizeThe China Tube End Forming Machine Manufacturer

With the formation of the global economic integration pattern, the pipe-end forming machine market is becoming more and more competitive. The modern pipe end forming process shows a market-oriented trend, which is manifested in the fact that the market determines production, and the market demand determines the level of pipe end forming machine process.

The pipe end forming machine process is also applied to the market. Production can only be carried out if it meets the requirements put forward on the market, making the manufacturing process continuously pursue the characteristics of the economy, long service life, and durable materials. Because only by improving the tube end forming machine process of China tube end forming machine manufacturer can it occupy its place in a variety of markets, thus enhancing its core competitiveness.

The technology of China tube end forming machine manufacturer is a new science and technology that combines many technologies and disciplines and is still in continuous development and exploration. In the field of pipe end forming machines, through the use of automation technology, new reforms have been brought to mechanical production, not only improving product quality but also strengthening the function of optimizing products, making pipe end forming machines more reliable and stable, and play a more positive effect in actual production.


  • Check the diameter of the pipe end shrinking or expanding pipe. The length meets the requirements of the drawing; the appearance is not pulled, the pipe end is not open, and the deformation is unstable.
  • If eccentric tube end forming is required, ensure reliable positioning.
  • The test machine can only be used for the empty operation of the device, not for processing. The test machine only eliminates all pedaling movements except the first start. The other action process is the same as in official production. After the work starts, the action will be cycled until the count value equals the set number or the artificial button stop state.
  • Remember to lock it tightly after adjustment to prevent the eccentric sleeve from rotating, avoid workpiece size change or even damage the axle.
  • During pipe delivery, the distance between the two pipes should be kept more significant than 20% of the total length of the pipe body to avoid adhesion or collision.
  • When the clamp is clamped, or the cylinder moves, any part of the body is prohibited from entering the range of movement of the mold and clamping device.
  • Oil the specified parts according to the process specifications and frequently according to the regulations; regularly check and remove the waste and garbage in the forming mold to prevent damage to the pipe end surface and damage the mold.
  • In regular operation, the operator should pay attention to the stroke of the guide rail from time to time and add lubricating oil to the guide rail no less than 4-5 times a day during regular operation to ensure the normal operation of the guide rail.

Maintenance of pipe end forming machine

  • At the end of each shift, exit the workpiece, turn off the flame heating device air source and pneumatic compressed air, cut off the power supply, remove oil pollution between clamping and forming mechanisms, wipe all parts of the forming machine, and keep it clean. The ejector rod of the forming tool should be lubricated.
  • Forced feeding, pipe transfer devices, and rack raceways should be regularly maintained and lubricated to ensure flexible operation.
  • Regularly check the amount of hydraulic oil and oil quality. Insufficient oil quantity and poor oil quality should be replaced in time.
  • The photoelectric emitter should be wiped clean frequently to ensure sensitivity and reliability.
  • The above is the principle, development trend and maintenance method of pipe end forming machine introduced to you by the editor of the Chinese pipe end starter manufacturer. If you have more questions about pipe end forming machines, you can consult us, we will give feedback at the first time.

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