Development and application of CNC automatic pipe bending machine SB-50N

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As a well-known pipe & tube bending machine manufacturer in China, the tube bender we produce has the advantages of many functions, reasonable structure, simple operation, easy movement, fast installation, etc. The Heli Tube Bender factory produces CNC. The CNC automatic pipe bending machine SB-50N, in addition to having a pipe bending function, can also use the cylinder as a hydraulic jack. Compared with other brands of tube benders, our equipment is cheaper and easier to use. It occupies a dominant product position in the tube bender market. Next, Heli Pipe & Tube bending machine manufacturer will introduce you to our tube bender!

The upper part of the CNC automatic pipe bending machine SB-50N is provided with an upper template, the upper template is driven by a press die cylinder to press with the lower template, and the pressing surface of the upper template and the lower template are respectively provided with a semicircular groove matching the half of the bent pipe, and one end of the lower template is supplied with a push rod that can move the workpiece to be processed forward along the semicircular groove; CNC The automatic pipe bending machine SB-50N has a high degree of automation, can automatically complete the unloading process after tube bender bending, and quickly eject the finished bent pipe. Compared with traditional ones, efficiency and efficiency are improved, and cost and labor intensity are reduced. The end of the rotary shaft is connected with the rotating shaft mutually perpendicular to the rotating shaft through a bearing seat, and an automatic pushing mechanism capable of pushing an elbow sleeve on the mandrel is arranged on one side of the rotary shaft.


So how does the CNC automatic pipe bending machine SB-50N work? The main thing is to select a suitable mold according to the outer diameter of the line to be processed and put it in the elbow row, and the splint is pointed to the groove corresponding to the mold. It is then placed in the corresponding plate hole, and the pipe is implanted in the elbow groove to tighten it. Then start the electric oil pump for pipe bending work.

Operators must pay attention to safety when starting operation and strictly follow the instructions for using the tube bender. The cylinder of the tube bender is rotated to enter the internal thread in the square gear block so that the wheel on the bracket, that is, the rear end of the cylinder, is supported downward. Here’s a reminder that when using a tube bender, the first task is to check all aspects of the machine and confirm that the tube bender is in average condition, including external metal contacts, leakage protection devices, stress splints, sealing pads, etc.

Heli Pipe & Tube bending machine manufacturer’s tube bender has been widely used in many industries. It is mainly used in electric power construction, railway construction, boiler, bridge, ship, furniture, decoration, etc. In addition, pipes in each industry have specific characteristics, such as CNC automatic pipe bending machine SB-50N in the aerospace field usually requires high precision and high flexibility; the CNC tube bender in the shipbuilding industry requires tremendous output torque and easy loading and unloading of large pipe fittings, and the automobile manufacturing sector needs to have Exceptionally high production speed and reliability and durability. With the continuous development of science and technology, the types of tube benders are becoming more and more diverse, and the bending performance has been dramatically improved. So how do we distinguish between the advantages and disadvantages of tube bender?

Let Heli tell you about it!

How to judge the merits of a tube bender? It still mainly depends on what kind of tube bender you use. Currently, there are two types of tube benders on the market that are used a lot, namely: hydraulic tube benders and electric tube benders. A hydraulic tube bender is divided into a simple hydraulic tube bender (like bow and arrow type) and a desktop mandrel hydraulic tube bender (like lathe type). The significant problems of hydraulic tube benders are oil leakage and angle error, loose bushing, poor sealing, etc.

The electric tube bender is divided into pure electric tube bender and CNC. There is a big difference between these two tube benders. The former is a pure electric tube bender with a significant error in angle control. The motor is easily damaged; the latter is an electric CNC tube bender from Italy abroad. The work efficiency is slightly slower, and it can bend up to 300 pipes a day. Heli Pipe & Tube bending machine manufacturer believes that when buying a tube bender, the critical issue is to choose the proper tube bender according to the user’s use. No matter what product you choose, the most important thing is suitable for you. Here’s a list of tips for buying a tube bender:

  • Install the CNC automatic pipe bending machine SB-50N into a mold, snap a sample joint, and measure the snap familiar with a caliper or micrometer. The roundness is 0.1MM, which is excellent.
  • Check the eight-petal equalization of the mold base of the equipment and the flatness of the mold. A good CNC automatic pipe bending machine SB-50N will make special adjustments to these two, while some low-quality tube benders do not control the above two parameters.
  • The hardness of the mold base and the hardness of the mold is also the key to the regular use of the equipment. When the hardness of the mold base is lower than Rockwell HRC60, the hardness is more melancholy than that of the Rockwell HRC50.
  • Measure the CNC automatic pipe bending machine SB-50N: leave the equipment in an empty running state, touch each mold block with your hands, and the needle should not shake. Otherwise, it will be considered an unqualified product.


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