CNC hydraulic pipe bender working principle

  1. CNC hydraulic pipe bender mechanical parts mainly by the special pipe clamping device. Bending transmission device. Boosting device. The bed and bending mold and other components.

Bending principle is as follows: bending die fixed in the spindle and rotate with the spindle, the tube is wrapped around the circumference of the bending die, the bending die rotation angle that is the bending angle, the same pipe can be achieved in the same radius three-dimensional multi-bend, the main linear feed. Space corner and bending three major actions, after the completion of the first bending angle, the pipe to the next bending position and even over a space corner, in the next bend, you can get the same bending radius of the space bend, the bending mold determines the bending radius of the pipe.

  1. PLC in the hydraulic bender control system application, to overcome the relay contactor control system is susceptible to environmental interference. High failure rate and maintenance difficulties and other defects.

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