CNC pipe bender advantageous features

Now the advantages of CNC pipe bender is very strong, many features, we cooperate with a number of technologies, now the CNC pipe bender cut steel pipe easily, high-speed use of extremely hard high-speed steel knife bar, layer by layer cutting into the steel pipe until cut. CNC pipe bender using a unique knife rotating into the knife principle. Knife around the cold-rolled steel pipe, hot-rolled steel pipe, carbon steel pipe, alloy steel pipe, forged steel pipe, cast steel pipe and other types of steel pipe to do circular rotation.

I. Adopt PLC childish technology. It can be divided into manual and automatic operation, and interact with the equipment through human-machine interface. The operation is simple and easy to learn.
Second, hydraulic self-centering clamping. Can prevent marking scratch nylon clamping action is stable and reliable.
Three, optional high-speed steel and alloy cutting tool cutting. Reduce the cutting process swash plate broken knife phenomenon, without the saw blade saw plate. Save the cost of tools.
Fourth, servo motor with high-precision ball screw. High precision. Automatic feeding and retiring, convenient and fast.

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