CNC pipe bender bending accuracy and impact

  1. The thickness and roughness of the material   Laser cutting is most suitable for cutting thin plates, the best effect is the thickness of carbon steel below 12mm and stainless steel below 6mm, the quality of processing out significantly enhanced, efficiency also appeared to be guaranteed. If we say cutting <1mm material, the kerf will also be extremely smooth. Material surface roughness, material surface roughness also determines the quality of cutting, generally the smoother the material, the better the quality of cutting out.
  2. CNC pipe bender work power and mode   After research has proved that the higher the power of the CNC pipe bender, even if it is cutting the same plate, the effect will be better than the general. Laser cutting mode and the material is a certain degree of fit, the higher the effect is better.
  3. Focal point position   Laser cutting machine focus can be right, the accuracy and precision of cutting to achieve the desired requirements.
  4. Cutting speed   In fact, no matter what kind of material, so that the cutting speed and the material is extremely well matched, then the cutting effect is the best, too fast or too slow will have an impact on the laser cutting.
  5. Auxiliary gas pressure and type   The higher the pressure of the auxiliary gas, the higher the purity of the gas, the material will adhere to the impurities will be very little, the cut mouth more and more smooth. Generally speaking, oxygen cutting is the fastest, nitrogen cutting effect is the best, and the cost is low. The cutting effect will vary with different gases.

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