Do you know the maintenance methods of the china rolling machine?

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china rolling machine is a machine that uses one blade to cut the plate in a reciprocating linear motion relative to the other blade. The coiling machine uses the moving upper blade and the fixed lower blade to apply a shear force to metal sheets of various thicknesses so that the plates are broken and separated according to the required size;

china rolling machine can be divided into the pedal (manpower), mechanical coiling machine formula, Hydraulic pendulum plate coiler, precision coiler hydraulic gate, coiler is commonly used to cut straight edge plate blanks. The shearing process should ensure the straightness and parallelism requirements of the shear surface of the sheared material and minimize plate distortion to obtain high-quality workpieces.

china rolling machine is a kind of forging machinery; its main function is the metal processing industry; it can be widely used in aviation, light industry, metallurgy, chemical, construction, shipping, automobile, electric power, electrical appliance, decoration, and other industries to provide the special machinery and complete equipment needed. Different thickness plates, from thin to thick, ensure that users are familiar with the performance of the china rolling machine. Different blade gaps must be adjusted for different plate thicknesses during trial cutting. The editor of Heli Machinery will introduce you to the safe operation process and maintenance methods of the rolling machine.

Preparation before starting

  •  Before work, carefully check whether all parts of the coiling machine are normal, whether the electrical equipment is intact, and whether the lubrication system is smooth;
  •  The fastening screw (cap) must not be loose. The brakes should be normal and reliable.
  •  Remove debris such as tools, gauges, and corner waste placed on the countertop and its surroundings.
  • Strictly adjust the roll distance according to the thickness of the plate and must not be overloaded. The roll cannot be pressed beyond mechanical properties.

In the process of operation

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1. The workpiece must be placed smoothly and positioned before it can be operated by car. Do not operate the China Rolling Machine by one person alone. Two or three people should coordinate feeding, dimensional accuracy, take-out, etc., and the signal should be clear, and it should be determined that one person will command it uniformly.
2. Hands must not be placed on rolled steel plates, and samples are not allowed to be used for inspection. Samples are allowed after the shutdown
Board check roundness.
3. When winding a workpiece that is not round enough, reserve a certain amount of margin when rolling to the end of the steel plate to prevent work
It hurts people when the piece falls off.
4. When working, it is strictly forbidden to stand on the workpiece nor to find the roundness on the rolled cylinder.
5. When the roll is thick, the diameter of the cylinder or the workpiece with high material strength should be lowered and rolled in a small amount
Rollers are rolled and formed several times.
6. When rolling a narrow cylinder, it should be rolled in the middle of the roll.
7. After the workpiece enters the roll, hands, and clothes should be prevented from being caught in the roll.

After shutdown

1. If abnormal noise is found in the operation of the machine tool, stop the machine immediately to inspect the China Rolling Machine and adjust the repair.
2. Disconnect the switch and cut off the power. Place the workpiece at the designated location after the machine is stopped.

How to maintain the china rolling machine

  • Operators must read the manual of the rolling machine carefully, strictly follow the operating rules, and strictly prohibit the illegal operation of the China Rolling Machine.
  •  Regularly check the operating status of the rolling machine. Only when the operating conditions are met, hold the rolling machine after the assessment is qualified,Only the operator of the job permit can operate it.
  •  The inversion body is completely reset (the flip reset indicator light is on the console), and the balance cylinder has risen to the highest point,When the upper roller is lifted, the lower roller is reversed, and the roller is lifted can only be carried out.
  •  There must be no foreign matter stuck between the roller and the lower roller: such as the electrode head or a small piece of steel plate, to avoid damage or damage to the block support roller, lower roller, etc.
  •  Regularly remove the oxide skin on the chassis and roller device, and do not damage the travel switch when cleaning the oxide skin.Rotary encoders and their connecting wires, etc.
  • Regularly check the tightness of the bolts and tighten them in time.
  • Lubricate each lubrication point and lubrication part regularly.
  •  After coiling the workpiece, if you need to weld the workpiece on the China Rolling Machine, be sure to put the ground wire of the welding machine directly and well in contact with the coiling workpiece, and never allow the coiling machine body to be used as the transition welding ground wire to avoid high current impact damage to sensor/rotary encoder and touchscreen.
  •  Electrical control cabinets, operation consoles, touch screens, etc., must not rain. To prevent leakage and electric shock, touch the touch screen and press.You can only use your hands when you press the button, the power is less than 30N, and you must not use any chemicals to clean the touch screen; you can use a soft cloth.And clean, soft paper so as not to damage the surface of the LCD.
  •  It is strictly forbidden to tie the head when rolling the steel plate, overload is strictly prohibited, and no one should stand before or after the China Rolling Machine (effective working surface of the upper roller).No one should stand on the board when rolling. When measuring the rolling cylinder, the rotation of the upper and lower rollers should generally be stopped play, coordinate and coordinate.
  • The oil level of the hydraulic system is generally controlled at about 2/3 of the oil standard, and the oil temperature should not be higher than 65℃. hydraulic
  • The oil should be changed regularly, and the filter should be cleaned in time for the china rolling machine.

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