How to avoid failure in the daily use of pipe bending machine

  In today’s gradually developed technology, China’s pipe bender equipment in the same for hydraulic pipe bender and automatic pipe bender and pipe cutting machine and pipe shrinkage machine and other pipe processing machinery in the quality and technology has now become increasingly mature and stable, not like the past because of a new product new technology is born, we are in a state of fumbling, so the performance of the machine is relatively fragile, but today’s pipe processing equipment is in a stable and conventional, so after the purchase of machine tools as long as you carefully maintain good machine tools, can be very long-lasting use.
But the pipe bender will be in daily use, often what problems arise? In fact, these problems we have mentioned in the early log technical article, today we are talking about the same old story, there are usually problems with the hydraulic area, due to the machine in the bending, pipe cutting using metal circular saw machine will leave a lot of small iron pins. These iron pins if not cleaned up directly to the pipe bender in the processing of bending, and many pipe bender molds are available with mandrels to bend, because the fear of fullness is not high enough, so there will be wrinkled or collapse into the phenomenon.
So that the pipe bender will be inserted into the mandrel when these small iron pins will fall out, and not be cleaned up iron pins will fall into the body of the internal oil tank inside, we all know that the hydraulic bender uses an oil pump to input hydraulic oil by solenoid valve to provide hydraulic power. So most of these iron pins into the oil tank will be filtered out by our inlet pipe inside the screen, but there will be a small part of the iron pins will enter the oil pump inside, so that the iron pins sucked into the oil pump will enter the solenoid valve inside, and these iron pins because they can not flow in the solenoid valve leads to hydraulic solenoid valve blockage, and hydraulic oil can not flow so there will be a corresponding action failure, resulting in hydraulic Bender can not work properly.
Even if this phenomenon does not need to panic, as long as the button on the control panel to manually press a certain action, and then look at the indicator on the solenoid valve to see which one of the solenoid valve is not working, and then the film off. Then use a 4mm hexagonal wrench to remove the solenoid valve fixed on the oil distribution plate. Clean the solenoid valve with clean kerosene, and then use the air gun to blow the internal clean out the iron pin inside, and then install it on the solution.

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