Hydraulic pipe bender working principle.

The high pressure oil output from the electric oil pump is sent into the working cylinder through the high pressure oil pipe. The high pressure oil pushes the plunger inside the working cylinder, generating thrust and bending the pipe through the bending parts.
1, pipe bender using touch screen plus CNC module, dialog operation, easy to set the program.
2, the bed structure is solid, not easy to deform.
3, each file can set 16 bending angle, the memory can be stored in 16 groups of files.
4, the slow positioning function, bending angle stability, repeat accuracy of ± 0.1 °.
5, error messages are displayed on the screen to help the operator to eliminate immediately.
6, to provide self-developed coordinates to convert the bend processing value, the software can be installed in the desktop computer optional editing calculations.

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