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Pipe bender refers to the machine used for pipe bending. According to the degree of automation, it can be divided into numerical control (automatic) pipe bender, semi-automatic pipe bender, large radius tube bender, etc. The pipe bending machine reduces labor costs and significantly improves work efficiency in the traditional model. Pipe bender products are inseparable from our lives. For example, the office chairs we go to work use pipe benders as long as there are places where pipes are bent.

Standard For Bending Radius Of Elbow

large radius tube bender

First of all, one tube is one mold. For a tube, no matter how many bends there are, no matter what the bending angle is (should not be greater than 180°C), the bending radius is preferably uniform. Since one tube has one mold, how much bending radius should be selected for tubes of different diameters?

The minimum bend radius depends on the material properties, the bend angle, the allowable amount of thinning on the outside of the bent tube wall, the size of the wrinkle on the inside, and the size of the ovality at the bend.

Generally speaking, the minimum bending radius should not be less than 2 to 2.5 times the outer diameter of the pipe. For the ducts of aircraft or engines, because all kinds of lines pass through the limited space inside and outside, the bending radius of the pipes should be smaller. A slight bending radius can make the direction of the tube shape flexible and adaptable.

A slightly larger bending radius can be selected for large-diameter engines and large aircraft when the pipeline arrangement is relatively loose. Because a large bending radius is conducive to bending and forming, it is beneficial to bend pipes.

Secondly, multiple tubes and one mold, the so-called multi-tube, and one mold, meaning that the same diameter pipes should use the exact bending radius as much as possible. They use the same set of molds to bend tubes of different shapes. In this way, it is beneficial to compress the special process equipment to the maximum extent, reduce the manufacturing volume of the bending die, and thus reduce the production cost.

In general, the use of only one bending radius for pipes of the same diameter may not necessarily meet the assembly requirements of the actual location. Therefore, 2 to 4 bending radii can be selected for lines of the same diameter to meet the basic needs. If the bending radius is 2D (where D is the outer diameter of the tube), then 2D, 2.5D, 3D, and 4D can be used.

Of course, the ratio of this bending radius is not fixed and should be selected according to the actual situation of the aircraft or engine, but the radius should not be too large. The specification of the bending radius should not be too much. Otherwise, the benefits brought by multiple tubes and one mold will be lost.

The same bending radius (one tube, one mold) is used on a pipe, and the bending radius of the same specification pipe is standardized (multiple lines and one mold). This is the current feature and general trend of foreign catheter design and modeling.

It is mechanized. It is the inevitable result of replacing manual labor with automation. Both the layout adapts to the advanced processing technology, and the advanced processing technology promotes the design.

The Difference Between Large Radius Tube Bender

What is the difference between the large radius tube bender and the CNC tube bender? The CNC tube bender is easy to understand; the entire production bending process is fully automated, while the basic steps of the production operation of the large radius tube bender are that the operator manually loads the parts. Then The machine clamps, bend, and release the region.

The machine stops and waits for the operator to remove the feature or reposition it for a second bend, and finally, the device returns to the starting position and is ready for the next time on the same or new part Bend.

China Large Radius Tube Benders

Which Pipe Bender To Choose?

  • Mainly consider the following points: The first is the number of bending of the part to be processed. If it is a single-bend part, a large radius tube bender is usually enough because it can generally be like a CNC machine tool. If there are multiple bends in the region, such as in the exhaust system or fuel lines, CNC machines can provide higher repeatability, reduce operator involvement and improve performance.
  • In some cases, it depends on the number of parts. Suppose the advantage is to customize several factors. In that case, the large radius tube bender provides greater flexibility and more control over customizing disposable details, and it is not necessary to produce simple single-bend parts. The use of numerical control reduces the production cost of enterprises.

The Most Suitable Manufacturer For Large Radius Pipe Benders

How to choose it depends on the specifications of the pipe to be bent. Pipe bender manufacturers usually have very detailed product distinctions for various types of hydraulic pipe benders, which can meet users’ actual needs and have pipe materials. Carbon steel pipes and round pipes generally indicate the requirements.

It is more appropriate to choose a slightly larger model for bending stainless steel pipes or square pipes and pipe benders to avoid the pipe bender model being too small and cannot be bent.

In terms of brand, we can go to the Internet to check the product evaluation of the manufacturer. For example, go to the website of Zhangjiagang Heli Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to check. There are many pipe bending machines there. You can compare them. The quality is guaranteed…

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