Practical Gear Chamfering Machine

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As we all know, the gears in some medium and high-end automobile engines and gear transmissions reduce the damage to the machine caused by the burrs generated during the processing of the kits or prevent the sharp corners of the end face from collapsing when the bags are engaged, the slip gears are easy to enter the working position when shifting, etc., It is often necessary to chamfer the equipment, and the CNC gear chamfering machine generally comes with a toothing gauge for chamfering the external tooth angle.

Cnc Gear Chamfering MachineGear Chamfering Machine

CNC gear chamfering machine manufacturers are mainly used in the chamfering of slewing bearing gears on construction machinery. The machine tool adopts the linkage between the radial feed axis X and the indexing axis C of the turntable to form a polar coordinate control system. The gear parameter input software generates a machining program and performs in-plane curve contour interpolation along with the tooth profile.

The CNC gear chamfering machine has the characteristics of simultaneous chamfering on both sides, automatic alignment of the tooth slot, adjustable size and shape of the chamfer, high degree of automation, and high chamfering efficiency.

Based on the original large-tooth-width gear chamfering machine tool for the wind power industry, adding a feed mechanism and a spindle to the tool holder, the small-tooth-width gear chamfering process with a reduced shape is realized. It is also possible to perform chamfering of gear shaft-type workpieces by replacing the tiltable spindle headstock.

Design Of Inverted Internal Tooth Angle Pair Gauge

At present, the gear chamfering machine manufacturers processed worldwide are mainly the small eighth-speed and twelve-speed gears of the heavy-duty automobile gearbox, which require the inner spline to be rounded. The machine tool used is a CNC gear chamfering machine.

To process arc corners and sharp corners, the entire processing process is controlled by the program, which requires a relatively fixed position between the tool and the workpiece.

It is useless to chamfer the internal spline gear before the tooth gauge. Before each chamfering, the operator must manually align the tool with the tooth slot of the workpiece so that the device does not damage the tooth tip or tooth surface when rotating. The whole process is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and the production efficiency is very low.

Moreover, different operators often produce different results due to eye errors, and the workpiece rejection rate is also high. Therefore, it is necessary to design the internal gear chamfering for the gauge.

Gear Chamfering Machine DeburringChina Gear Chamfering Machine

The high-speed spindle can be installed on the profiling gear chamfering machine for deburring automobile gears. This equipment has three advantages and does not require machining programs; the workpiece can be profiled by placing the workpiece on the turntable. Two NAKANISHI high-speed spindles simultaneously process the gears’ upper and lower edge lines.

The deburring of the automobile gear chamfering machine has the advantages of small size and lightweight. If the selected spindle is too large or too heavy, a larger balancing mechanism needs to be used, and the cost will be higher. Low input cost, easy installation and use, only slight changes can achieve the ideal deburring requirements of automobile gear chamfering machine.

Deburring Of Automobile Wheels

The high-speed spindle is a special spindle for automatic deburring. It adopts a radial + axial flexible floating system. The contact pressure is steplessly adjusted by air pressure, which can keep the 360° pressure consistent with achieving the effect of precise deburring.

Not only that, but the spindle also maintains excellent parameter performance, strong mechanical load capacity is suitable for floating deburring processing of various materials, and has outstanding performance in hovering deburring processing of auto parts.

The automatic tool changing spindle has a jumping accuracy of less than 1μm and strong rigidity. It can be used with a high-torque motor and a controller to remove the burrs of die-casting parts with strong rigidity. The burrs of automobile cylinder heads have strong rigidity and require Only large processing tools can be completed.

Deburring Of Clutch Inner Ring

To deburr the inner ring of the clutch of the gear chamfering machine, you can choose to install the main shaft + reducer + motor on the deburring machine. By moving the main post up and down and positioning it with the ball spline shaft, the inner and outer walls of the inner ring of the automobile clutch can be deburred…

The high-speed spindle has high torque and rigidity and can chamfer the material after heat treatment. It is small in size and increased in precision. Because it is a right-angle electric spindle, it is also suitable for treating burrs on the inner ring of the gear chamfering machine clutch. High-speed spindles are widely used in automatic deburring, especially in the deburring of auto parts and new energy vehicle parts.

Safety Operation Rules For Gear Chamfering Machine

  • The operator should be familiar with the performance, structure, etc., of the machine and abide by the safety operation system.
  • Oil filling should be carried out according to the lubrication regulations before work, and lubricating oil should be filled 2-3 times on the tool holder support for each shift.
  • Check whether the safety device and electrical equipment are safe, reliable, and flexible, and the operation handle is safe, reliable, and flexible. It is allowed to run for about 5 minutes after it is in good condition.
  • After the gear chamfering machine is started, the operator should always pay attention to the sound, temperature rise, and lubrication of each part of the operation; if there is any abnormality, stop the machine immediately to eliminate the fault.
  • Correctly adjust and adjust the tool so that the top of the iron tool is 0.1-0.2mm away from the tooth root of the workpiece, and tighten it to fix it. Select the cutting amount reasonably, try to cut one tooth and think it is qualified and continue to work, and often check the tightening and wear of the tool.
  • When processing helical cylindrical gears with a large helix angle, the toothed positioning plate and the toothed struts should be prepared according to the size and direction of the helix angle of the workpiece to be processed.
  • When parking in a sudden situation, the knife should be retracted first and then parked. It is forbidden to cut with a blunt knife.
  • When processing the unfinished workpiece, make sure that it is correct before proceeding with the work.
  • After work, you must check and clean the gear chamfering machine, do a good job in daily maintenance, put various handles (switches) in the neutral position (zero position), cut off the power supply, and achieve neat, clean, lubricated and safe.
  • Turn off the power of the machine tool.

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