Precautions For Buying Edge Chamfering Machine

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Have you ever had such an experience? When purchasing an edge chamfering machine, I don’t know how to judge whether edge chamfering machine is good or not? Is the edge chamfering machine expensive? Is it cost-effective? Or do you not know how to choose a reliable edge chamfering machine factory? If you don’t see the edge chamfering machine produced by a high china quality factory, today we will talk about it in detail.

The Edge Chamfering Machine Is More EfficientEdge Chamfering Machine

In the production process, every China edge chamfering machine manufacturer attaches great importance to the production efficiency of each link, and the level of chamfering efficiency will directly affect the quality of the product and even the efficiency of the entire production link. Therefore, choosing a good edge chamfering machine depends on the high efficiency of this equipment. So the question is, how do we judge the efficiency of this edge chamfering machine?

Look at the degree of automation and see if it has automatic clamping, automatic feeding and retracting, automatic counting, automatic feeding, etc. These intuitive designs can significantly improve the efficiency of production;

Look at the cutter head design and clamping die replacement. Since we need to replace workpieces of different sizes in the production and processing process, the convenience of the cutter head and clamping die design can significantly improve the production efficiency;

See if there is a design with three end faces chamfered simultaneously. When processing workpieces such as around pipes and round bars, the efficiency of chamfering will be significantly improved if the inner and outer end face chamfering can be completed quickly at one time. Of course, this depends on the production needs. If you only need to chamfer two-end faces, you can choose two-end face designs.

As far as the application of an edge chamfering machine is concerned, it needs to have good quality to have a good guarantee in terms of service life and application safety when it is applied. It will be everyone’s priority. The quality of the machine can be seen from the manufacturing process of the device. Every link is a test. For example, although it is the most basic, the painting link is not easy to do well. Many edge chamfering machines are not long after they are bought. The situation is not rare! Of course, there are other links, and we keep an eye on the buy edge chamfering machine.

Low Price, Good QualityChina Edge Chamfering Machine

Many buy edge chamfering machines, and they hope to choose cheap cutter chamfering machine equipment when purchasing equipment products. High-quality and low-cost machine equipment is always more concern by buyers. After all, when we buy edge chamfering machine equipment, we all hope to spend the least money to buy the most guaranteed equipment.

Matters Need Attention When The Edge Chamfering Machine Is Chamfering.

The chamfering surface of the edge chamfering machine is fine, without burrs, like a cross-grinding surface. It is suitable for chamfering various small molds and mechanical parts. The workpiece is cut from left to right against the slide rail during operation. The slide rail is high-quality die steel and is heat-treated for durability: simple process, regular chamfering, convenient adjustment, economical and reliable.

The staff must wear gloves when operating the edge chamfering machine. Before use, the switch must be turned on first; after the cutter head rotates, pay attention to the rotation direction of the cutter head, and then push the processing object forward for cutting from the beginning. Check whether the two screws of the spindle are tightened and whether the press-fitting screw of the blade is loose. When replacing the edge, remove the guide plate, and check whether the installation is firm after installing the blade.

Compared with the method of gas cutting groove, the energy consumption is low, the groove speed is fast (more than three times that of gas cutting), and there is no need to clear the burr. Compared with other cutting equipment such as edge planer and dragon planer, this machine is cheap, occupies a small area, and consumes only one-tenth of their energy. The workpiece does not need to be clamped during processing, making it easy to use and has high work efficiency.

The matching bracket is not limited by the length and width of the workpiece. Therefore, using an edge chamfering machine to process grooves is far superior to other equipment, and it is the ideal steel plate beveling equipment before welding in China. Using the principle of rolling shear, in the relative movement of the hob rotating to drive the steel plate forward, the corners of the steel plate are cut off, which can meet the needs of the groove before weldings, such as A3 steel plate, stainless steel plate, and 16Mn plate. Glossy.

When the edge chamfering machine is working, turn off the main power switch immediately in case of an emergency. Shut down after work: turn off the chamfering wheel, → turn off the power switch of the equipment → , disconnect the external power supply;

It is forbidden to randomly connect and pull the wires, and the switch and socket must be on the wall. When cleaning or cleaning equipment, prevent water from splashing on the power supply;

Power supply: keep the switch intact, and start the work: connect the external power supply → , turn on the main power switch of the equipment, → create the power switch of the equipment;

The ground on site is clean and tidy, and items are not allowed to be placed indiscriminately. Before leaving get off work, remember to turn off the main switch of “water, electricity and gas”

Better After-Sales Service

It can be said with certainty that each China edge chamfering machine cannot guarantee that there will be no such or such problems during use, so good after-sales service is crucial. Choosing a bridge chamfering machine is the premise of a solid after-sales guarantee because after-sales needs people to complete; in the process of completion, the distance will affect the speed of after-sales solutions; after all, the speed of the vehicle is there.

In addition, the edge chamfering machine factory provided by the equipment needs to have an excellent after-sales service awareness and guarantee. Choose a china high quality chamfering machine factory to discuss these in detail.

The above is the relevant content about the edge chamfering machine shared with you. I hope that you can have a better understanding and understanding of edge chamfering machine products through the above range.

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