Chamfering Machine EF-50/AC

Chamfering Machine EF-50/AC adopts manual nesting, automatic feeding, clamping, cutting feeding, returning, loosening, unloading, and automatic circulation;

Product Description

This chamfering machine EF-50/AC series has a unique design, compact structure, beautiful appearance, and easy operation. Chamfering Machine EF-50/AC mainly cuts standard elbows with a 90° radius of curvature of 1.0D &1.5D, with a 1/2-48 inches machining capacity.

The main features of the Chamfering Machine EF-50/AC are as follows:

  1. Chamfering Machine EF-50/AC has accurate dimensions and specifications and fully complies with the relevant standard accuracy for machining elbow grooves. Chamfering Machine EF-50/AC has strong power, fast cutting and high efficiency.
  2. The machine has a novel structure clamp cutter head, accurate positioning of the workpiece fixture, and an excellent hydraulic locking device. The slide table is equipped with fast forward, industrial advance and fast rewind devices, and the Chamfering Machine EF-50/AC ensure safe and reliable operation.
  3. Chamfering Machine EF-50/AC is equipped with three tools, an inner knife, flat knife and diagonal cutter, on each machine clamp blade, which can cut simultaneously, which effectively guarantees the high cutting efficiency of the workpiece. The Chamfering Machine EF-50/AC fully meets the stability requirements of the guide rail under strong cutting conditions.
  4. The large-diameter cutting head adopts a floating structure. The floating knife does not require high ellipticity of the elbow, which can make the chamfer uniform, and the end is more beautiful.
  5. Chamfering Machine EF-50/AC adopts hydraulic feeding. The feed amount and cutting speed can be adjusted freely according to the size of the elbow diameter and wall thickness, which is easy to operate.
  6. The chamfering surface is fine, with no burrs, just like a cross ground surface. The workpiece is cut from right to left against the slide during operation. Suitable for cutting various moulds such as stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy elbow, tee, straight pipe port flat-mouth chamfering, mechanical components and steel manufacturing parts.
  7. Chamfering Machine EF-50/AC adopts manual nesting, automatic feeding, clamping, cutting feeding, returning, loosening, unloading, and automatic circulation;
  8. The cutting feed of the machine tool is divided into rapid feed and working feed. Chamfering Machine EF-50/AC can adjust the cutting and chamfering speed to complete the processing of smooth surfaces;
  9. This machine is suitable for round pipes and round bars. Chamfering Machine EF-50/AC Chamfering and finishing of the inner and outer corners of the end face can be completed quickly and accurately at one time;
  10. In order to ensure that the center line of the object processing cutter head is accurate and unchanged, the clamping cutter head is precisely designed to complete the object processing evenly at one time;
  11. Through special design, the cutter head blade is standardized, the gap is adjusted, and the operation is simple and fast.


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Main motor power
380V* 2.2KW* 6HP *50HZ
Apply to outer diameter
Processing length rangel


Machining accuracy
Working speed


Suitable material
Stainless steel, Steel, Iron, Copper, Aluminum, Nelon, Plastic Pipe and Bar
Machine size


Introduction to the operation of Chamfering Machine EF-50/AC:

After the machine is started, the clamping switch and the machine locking fixture are created, the operator rotates the rotating handwheel for operation with one hand, and the port opening chamfering work can be easily completed within a few seconds, which is 3-5 times the speed of the traditional lathe. Chamfering Machine EF-50/AC delivery instructions, product certificate, swing switch and other accessories.

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