CNC automatic pipe bending machine SB-168CNC-2A-1S

CNC automatic pipe bending machine SB-130CNC-2A-1S has the function of automatically detecting errors and faults and displaying them on the screen, which is convenient for the operator to correct the faults.


Product Description

CNC automatic pipe bending machine SB-168CNC-2A-1S Product introduction:

  1. According to the base structure, it is divided into standard type and rotary type
  •  a. Standard type: The head is not rotatable, and both charges can be adjusted arbitrarily from 0-90°.
  • b.Rotary type: The machine head can be rotated, and the elbow angle of the double head can be adjusted arbitrarily from 0-185°, but the extraction issue must be considered.
  1. CNC automatic pipe bending machine SB-168CNC-2A-1S adopts PLC control, which is convenient and easy to maintain.
  2. It can be divided into the complete cycle, half cycle, and unique operation.
  3. The operation of 1 or more sticks can be selected according to the outer diameter of different materials and their sizes.
  4. Standard accessories of CNC automatic pipe bending machine SB-168CNC-2A-1S: one set of molds, one set of stops.



  • Before using the CNC automatic pipe bending machine SB-168CNC-2A-1S, you should check and confirm that the motor and cable are standard, that the grounding is good, the protective device is safe and effective, and the saw blade is selected according to the requirements, and the installation is correct.
  • After starting, it should be operated without load. Check and confirm that the direction of operation of the saw blade is correct, the landing mechanism is flexible, and there are no abnormalities or abnormal noises during the process.
  • The operator should press the workpiece with both hands and feed evenly. When pushing the cutting machine, do not use too much force. Do not wear gloves during operation.
  • The cutting thickness shall be carried out according to the factory nameplate of the machine and shall not be cut too thick.
  • When the workpiece is delivered at a distance of 300mm from the saw blade or when cutting small pieces of material, it should be fed with a unique tool, and the material should not be pushed directly by hand.
  • In the CNC automatic pipe bending machine SB-168CNC-2A-1S operation, it should be stopped and inspected immediately when the workpiece has impact, beating, and abnormal sound. The process can only be continued after troubleshooting.
  • It is strictly forbidden to inspect or repair parts during operation. The debris on the saw table and in the saw seam of the component should be removed in time with special tools and should not be picked up or erased by hand.
  • After the operation, clean the CNC automatic pipe bending machine SB-168CNC-2A-1S, dry the saw blade, drain the water from the water tank, reclaim the cable, and store it in a dry, ventilated place.


CNC automatic pipe bending machine SB-130CNC-2A-1S has the function of automatically detecting errors and faults and displaying them on the screen, which is convenient for the operator to correct the faults.

The electronic control system adopts well-known Japanese controllers, such as servo drives, servo motors, positioning modules, PLCs, etc. produced by Mitsubishi Corporation. CNC automatic pipe bending machine SB-130CNC-2A-1S has strong performance and good stability.

The powerful PLC can accommodate 800 groups of file editors. If that’s not enough, the CNC automatic pipe bending machine SB-130CNC-2A-1S can be individually configured to infinitely expand the number of editing groups.

Industrial computer control, customers can copy the bending diagram into a program.

The feed axis and tilt axis are driven by servo motors, with high precision and good stability.

The feeding method can choose pinch feeding or direct feeding according to different requirements.

Automatic detection before the feeding shaft moves to avoid collision with the machine.

CNC automatic pipe bending machine SB-130CNC-2A-1S has a complete detection system, with X, Y, Z axis origin detection and limit alarm functions.



Max OD
(steel pipe)


maxi bending radius
(Steel pipe) 1.5XOD


Max mandrel support length

3500mm can be increase according to customer’s option

bending angle


Pipe number of files can be set into the program

800 unit

rotation angle

360 degree

Fit to Shapes

Round tube, square tube, elliptical tube, plum blossom-shape tube, shaped tube, U-steel, angle steel, I-steel and flat steel, etc

pipe material

steel pipe, stainless steel, copper pipe, aluminum pipe, and multiple-unit tube

machine precision

feeding ±0.1mm
rotation ±0.1mm
bending ±0.1mm

feeding speed


bending speed


hydraulic motor power


Control method

PLC and touch screen

Cooling system

fan cooling

machine size


machine weight






20210819154322 25360

20210809163123 35795

Interactive PLC touch screen for easy access to automatic and manual operating modes. System diagnostics and multilingual capabilities. Full hydraulic clamping of fixtures and dies. Bending (Y-axis): Controlled by servo motor or hydraulic pressure. Feed (B axis): controlled by servo motor. Rotation (C-axis): Controlled by a servo motor. An adjustable speed valve is installed on the die to ensure simultaneous bending. The air cooling system ensures that the CNC automatic pipe bending machine SB-130CNC-2A-1S can work stably for a long time under high temperature. CE&ISO 9001:2000.

CNC automatic pipe bending machine SB-168CNC-2A-1S with PLC or IPC to manage bending (Y), feeding (B) and rotation (C) in one complete automatic cycle. These CNC automatic pipe bending machines SB-168CNC-2A-1S are available in outer diameters ranging from 10mm to 220mm and are suitable for various pipe manufacturing sectors and industries. Available in different versions, all three axes of the single stacker are automatic. There is also the option to add push-bend capabilities, left-right bend capabilities, more stacks, and more. CNC automatic pipe bending machine SB-168CNC-2A-1S Easy-to-operate touchscreen controls, or equipped with the latest user-friendly 3D bending software. This stores tool configurations, allows for springback compensation, and features anti-collision technology, among other features.

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