Tube end forming machine TM-160

Tube end forming machine TM-160 can complete tube flaring and edge pressing after quick-change die. The cylinder clamping function makes the accessories tightly clamped. Clamp with buffer to avoid damaging the tube.

Product Description

Features of Tube end forming machine TM-160:

Chamfering, deburring, and internal and external chamfering can be accomplished in one clamping. Tube end forming machine TM-160 can complete tube flaring and edge pressing after quick-change die. The cylinder clamping function makes the accessories tightly clamped. Clamp with buffer to avoid damaging the tube.

Thin jigs and thin moulds with a minimum tube length of 10mm, this is the first and best level. Forward axis: digital control of forward distance, driven by absolute value servo motor to ensure accuracy and safety. Rotary axis: The speed is digitally controlled, driven by an absolute value servo motor, and the speed is steplessly adjustable.

Tube end forming machine TM-160 is suitable for processing different materials. Pipe position axis: fixed-length digital control, driven by absolute value servo motor, to ensure that the pipe end is within the length and to ensure repeatability. The automatic operation enables the foot switch to start, automatically advance, and automatically reset.

The flaring center is an eccentric shaft, and a flaring center of one specification can be used for flaring of pipes of various sizes and wall thicknesses. The flaring die can be directly used for the chamfering, deburring and grinding die, and the Tube end forming machine TM-160 can reduce the die specification and reduce the replacement time.

machine feature

1) NC Control Unit: Easy Operation and Maintenance
2) Suitable for the shrinking, expanding of various metal pipes with different material and different shape
3) Equipped with emergency stop device. Both manual and automatic operations are available
4) Shrinking stroke is set according to customer’s need with no minimum work piece length
5) Forming shapes can be convex, concave, sectional, long 7 flat, square, V-shaped, open elbow and flat elbow. The design of the tooling varies with work piece and customers’ requirements
8) both ends can be processed at the same time
9) processing length can be increased according to customer’s option




2.Max progress capacity


3 maxi oil cylinder working distance


6.oil pressure system


7cooling system

Water cooling

8.control method

Micro computer

10.machine size(cm)

320×190×220 cm

7cooling system

water cooling

Machine weight


11.warranty time

1 year

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Zhangjiagang Heli Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a China pipe cutting machine supplier. The company was established in 2006 and is located in the south of the Yangtze River, a famous civilized city in China. Located on Jiangong Road, with convenient transportation, advanced Pipe&Tube bending machine, durable pipe cutting machine, fancy aluminum profile cutting machine, classy tube end forming machine, latest design chamfering machine, quality Rolling machine, etc. are our main products.

With unremitting efforts, Heli Machinery’s main products have passed CE certification and successfully entered the EU market, and passed the ISO9001 quality management system demonstration. Strict quality management, perfect after-sales service, and reasonable market prices are the prerequisites for our competition. We always aim to be the best professional metal pipe processing equipment, manufacturer!

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Zhangjiagang Heli Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is one professional metal pipe processing equipment manufacturer with 16 years experience in China. Our main products are: pipe and tube bending machine, pipe cutting machine, pipe rolling machine, pipe press bending .pipe end forming machine and pipe chamfering machine. Our products are widely used in the fitness equipment, bicycle, automobile industry ,furniture, motorhome window frame and stairway handrail etc......

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