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What should I pay attention to when using anti-wrinkle molding for pipe processing?

Automatic pipe bending machine When the pipe is bent, the material inside its center line is compressed. When bending to a certain angle, due to the high compressive force of the material, the material will be pushed back and exceed the cut point. If the pipe wall in this area is not supported by the bending mold, wrinkles will be formed. Even if it is later leveled between the mandrel and the bending mold, wrinkles cannot be removed. And when bending is over, a large wrinkle will form on the tube.

Using an anti-wrinkle mold, you can increase the support of this area so that the pipe wall thickens evenly after compression without wrinkles. However, due to improper adjustment, wrinkles have already been formed, and the anti-wrinkle mold cannot eliminate wrinkles.
The shape of the anti-wrinkle mold is very important. The groove through which the pipe slides should be slightly larger than the outer diameter of the pipe, which can be 10% of the wall thickness, and should also be carefully polished to prevent scratches on the pipe.

The front end of the anti-wrinkle mold should be made very thin and extend to the cutting point of the bending mold to support the bending mold and fix it to form a closed cavity. In order to reduce resistance when bending, the anti-wrinkle mold should have a slight taper when installed. The pressure of the die should be adjusted appropriately. When installing and adjusting the anti-wrinkle mold, it is best to use the “adjustment mandrel,” which is performed when the die is clamped.

During the bending process, an appropriate amount of oil should be applied to the anti-wrinkle mold. But too much or too thick oil can also cause wrinkles in this area.
While using an anti-wrinkle mold, a ball core stick is often used at the same time. The anti-wrinkle mold prevents the tube from wrinkling when bent, while the ball mandrel keeps the tube from collapsing after leaving the mandrel support point.

When bending a tube with a thin wall, large diameter, and small bending radius, in order to avoid wrinkles, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • Reduce the resistance between the mandrel of the Automatic pipe bending machine and the inner wall of the pipe during bending. Before the tube is bent, the inner cavity is blown with wet sand.
  • The machine tool and spindle should have sufficient rigidity.
  • The mandrel rod should be sufficiently rigid to eliminate the trembling and stretching caused by the rod as much as possible.
  • The radial gap between the inner diameter of the mandrel and the pipe should not be greater than 10% of the wall thickness.
  • The clamping mold, press die, mandrel, and anti-wrinkle mold should be properly adjusted, especially the pressure of the die should be carefully selected and adjusted.
  • When bending large diameter pipes, clamping of the clamp die is also a prominent problem. This requires that the straight section between the two bends of the pipe is a little longer and that the clamping die is wider to increase the clamping force and ensure smooth bending. If the clamping die is too narrow and there is not enough clamping force when bending, the tube will not slide forward, making bending impossible.
  •  Select an appropriate amount of lubricant.
  • The state of supply of materials is also very important. For stainless steel pipes, the hardness is HB=180 to 220, and HB=180 is the most suitable.


What should I do if the rod of the pipe bender is weak?

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At present, the main types of CNC hydraulic pipe benders on the market mainly include Automatic pipe bending machines, semi-automatic CNC hydraulic pipe benders, manual CNC hydraulic pipe benders, etc. These kinds of CNC hydraulic pipe bender, CNC automatic CNC hydraulic pipe bender are suitable for production projects with large output, semi-automatic CNC hydraulic pipe bender suitable for total output projects, and manual The biggest advantage of CNC hydraulic pipe bender is that it is easy to carry. It is very convenient for fieldwork projects. An automatic pipe bending machine will inevitably fail during long-term use.

1. The acting rod is weak and cannot bend the pipe.

First, check whether the steel ball in the switch of the CNC hydraulic pipe bender has fallen. Secondly, tighten the CNC hydraulic pipe bender switch clockwise. If the fault still exists, check whether the hydraulic oil in the tank is full and should be filled. Or loosen the bolt on the gas outlet. Replace the YX-shaped polyurethane seal ring in the plunger pump of the CNC hydraulic pipe bender to remove the air in the tank, so the fault should be eliminated.

2. Oil leakage of CNC hydraulic pipe bender

If it is a large or small pump, the main reason for oil leakage at the piston rod is due to damage to the sealing ring; therefore, if you encounter this kind of failure, first check whether the seal ring of the CNC hydraulic pipe bender is damaged, and if it is damaged, install a set of seals again. If oil is leaking at the switch, the main reason is that the inner pressure ring of the switch is too loose; you need to remove the limit screw and switch and tighten the pressure ring. If the top end of the top rod of the CNC hydraulic pipe bender leaks oil; the main reason is that the top sealing ring of the piston rod of the CNC hydraulic pipe bender is damaged; the seal needs to be replaced.

What’s wrong with running the automatic pipe bending machine when the motor heats up?

Although the motor heats up when the pipe bender is running, it usually does not affect the life of the motor and does not need to be ignored by most customers, but it turns out the motor in severe cases. To determine whether the motor of the hydraulic pipe bender can burn out, the first thing is whether it is confusing to open the junction box, remove the termination piece, and the multimeter measures whether the three-phase circuit can be short-circuited. The short circuit between turns uses an electric bridge to measure the grounding resistance by shaking the meter; touch whether the motor temperature of the hydraulic pipe bender can be very high. Hydraulic pipe bender is a kind of shearing equipment widely used in machining. It can cut steel sheet materials of various thicknesses.

When the hydraulic system of the Automatic pipe bending machine leaks, the number of oil pipe joints can be reduced, and the control valve is integrated to avoid the system oil leakage; in order to reduce hydraulic shock and mechanical vibration during reversing, the reversing time is prolonged as much as possible; the pipe bender needs regular inspection, regular maintenance, and timely disposal to avoid the occurrence of leakage.
An automatic pipe bending machine sometimes occurs when the hydraulic system heats up during the working time. The internal reason is due to unreasonable system design, such as unreasonable matching between components, too thin pipeline channels, many elbows, small bending radius, insufficient tank volume, etc.; the external reason is the hydraulic system caused by improper oil volume.

  •  The pipe bender adopts a touch screen plus CNC module, interactive operation, simple and easy program setting;
  •  The bed structure is stable and not easy to deform;
  • Each gear can be set with 16 bend angles, and the memory can store 16 sets of files;
  •  With a slow positioning function, the bending angle is stable, and the repetition accuracy reaches ±0.1°;
  •  The error message is displayed on the screen to help the operator eliminate it immediately;
  • Automatic pipe bending machine provides self-developed coordinate conversion bending processing value. The software can be purchased and installed on the desktop computer for editing and calculation.

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