Some Knowledge About Plate Bending Machine For Sale

plate bending machine for sale

With the increasing number of plate bending machine for sale in China in recent years, various CNC systems for bending machines have appeared on the market, such as those produced in the Netherlands, Switzerland and Italy. Still, currently, the global sales of bending machines are the highest country is still in China.

How To Choose a Bending Machine Manufacturer

 Plate Bending Machine For Sale

First of all, the system must be simple to operate,Most of many bending machine manufacturers produce CNC bending machines,The purpose is to use the machine more conveniently and create more value for production. If the system’s design is very complicated and the operation is very cumbersome, then the system may not be suitable enough, no matter how good it is.

Just imagine, if the system operation is a problem for employees, can it still exert the efficiency and precision that the system should have? Therefore, an excellent CNC system must be simple to operate, easy to learn and easy to use.

The second is that the system must be stable. The importance of system stability is obvious. Everyone does not want the machine to have problems just a few days after buying it, which affects the mood and delays production. So how do you know whether the system is stable? First of all, it depends on the bending machine.

The number of years, reputation and ownership of the brand in the market can be used to infer whether the brand is mature or not. If a brand has not been tested and inspected by the market, then the brand must not have matured, and there will inevitably be some minor problems.

In all plate bending machine for sale and the brand, you also need to look at the system manufacturer. The system produced by a senior bending machine manufacturer will be more stable.

The essence of CNC machine tools is mechanical automation, and the core of the core is also required. Technical team, it is possible to develop a sound system.

How To Operate The Bending Machine

Stroke adjustment, the operator must use the bending machine. The staff must adjust the stroke and must test the car before bending. When the upper die of the bending machine goes down to the bottom, a gap in plate thickness must be ensured. Otherwise, it will cause damage to the machine. Damage to moulds and machines.

Before use, the empty car must be tested for work. After admitting no abnormality, the operation can be officially started,The bending machine must be adequately debugged before it can be used.

The metal plate must be placed stably when bending sheet metal,When the slider starts to descend and the upper die is pressed down, fix the metal plate for bending. Do not machine more than the rated thickness or brutal sheet metal.

When bending a short metal plate, pay attention to supporting the plate to prevent the edge from lifting and hurting people.

When bending long metal plates, it should be operated by two people, and future generations should listen to the instructions of their predecessors, cooperate harmoniously, and safety is paramount.

During the working process of the bending machine, adjustment, maintenance and cleaning are prohibited.

When replacing moulds and repairing, first power off and then replace. The bending machine has good overall coordination ability, which can increase its overall function. The processed metal plates should be neatly stacked, and the waste generated by processing must be cleaned up. After completing the processing, turn off the power and lock the gate box before leaving.

Precautions For Bending Machine

  • Check the coincidence and firmness of the upper and lower moulds; check whether each positioning device meets the processing requirements.
  • When the upper slide plate and each positioning axis are not at the origin, run the back-to-origin program.
  • After the bending machine is started, it should run idly for 1-2 minutes, and the upper slide plate will move 2-3 times in full stroke. If any abnormal sound or fault is found, it should be stopped immediately, the fault should be eliminated, and it can work only after everything is normal.
  • One person should command the bending machine in a unified manner. The operator and the feeding and pressing personnel are closely coordinated to ensure that the cooperating personnel are all in a safe position to issue the bending signal.
  • The sheet must be compacted to prevent the sheet from lifting and hurting people during bending.
  • The power supply must be cut off when the plate material is pressed, and the operation must be stopped.
  • When changing the opening of the variable lower die, no material is allowed to come into contact with the lower die.
  • When the bending machine is working, no one is allowed to stand at the back of the machine tool.
  • If the workpiece or mould is incorrect during operation, it should be stopped for correction. It is strictly forbidden to correct by hand during operation to prevent hand injury.
  • It is forbidden to fold super-thick iron plates or quenched steel plates, high-grade alloy steels, square steels and sheets that exceed the performance of the sheet metal bending machine so as not to damage the machine tool.
  • Always check the coincidence of the upper and lower moulds; whether the indication of the pressure gauge meets the regulations.
  • Immediately shut down when an abnormality occurs, check the cause and eliminate it in time.
  • Before shutting down, place a wooden block on the lower die under the oil cylinders on both sides and lower the upper sliding plate to the wooden block.
  • Exit the control system program first, and then cut off the power supply.

Company Culture

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