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Engineering construction drives the rapid development of the construction machinery industry,Due to the relatively loose emission requirements for construction machinery products, the market is flooded with high-emission products,High-quality plate rolling machine have become a heavy burden on the current global environment.


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Prospects Of Environmental Protection Machinery

The global construction machinery industry is taking the road of energy conservation and environmental protection,According to the recently released analysis report of the Global Environmental Protection Machinery Industry Association.

It is expected that a series of policies to support the development of the environmental protection industry will enter the implementation stage in 2023, and the strategic opportunity period for the energy conservation and environmental protection construction machinery industry will be highlighted,The industry-wide growth rate is expected to exceed 15%.

The special coiling machine for stainless steel pipes is mainly used to roll stainless steel pipes with small diameters and large lengths. Manage the company’s products.

The marine plate rolling machine provided by plate rolling machine suppliers is mainly used for rolling arc plates such as ship shells and pressing grooved bulkheads,Generally, it is designed as a symmetrical and asymmetrical three-rolled plate rolling machine. The upper part of the upper plate is provided with a rigid beam,There are multiple sets of brackets directly between the upper and lower beams and the lower part of the lower to improve the rigidity of the upper and lower runs, and the three kuns are fully driven.


Types Of Marine Rolling Machines

  • Symmetrical upward adjustment type: the upper working drum can be moved vertically upwards and downwards, and the position of the two lower working drums is relatively unchanged.
  • The overall horizontal lowering type of the lower Kun: the upper working knuckle moves vertically up and down, and the lower working Kun moves horizontally as a whole.
  • The lower rollers are lowered horizontally respectively: the upper work rollers move vertically upwards and downwards, while the lower ones move horizontally in translation.
  • Upper Kun universal type: The upper working Kun moves up and down vertically and can also translate in the horizontal direction. The position of the two lower working Kun is relatively unchanged.


Difference Between  Crimping Machine And  Rolling Plate Machine

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The rolling plate machine is commonly used in metal processing plants. It is a shaping machine tool for continuous point bending of sheet materials. It has different shapes, such as O-shaped, U-shaped, and multi-section R. It is used for secondary processing of steel plate materials. Equipment.

Coilers are commonly used in steel rolling mills and paper mills. In steel rolling mills, the rolled sheet steel is processed by the upper roll coiling machine according to the requirements, and the products are rolled into rolls through the coiler for easy transportation and transportation. For reprocessing, it is a piece of auxiliary equipment for rolling workshops that coils hot-rolled or cold-rolled steel into reels.

In the paper mill, plate rolling machine suppliers use the coiler to roll the continuous wide paper produced by the production line into rolls and then sell the whole roll to the downstream processing plant for further processing. Then there are printing paper, letter paper, Toilet paper, etc. The final product of paper we see every day! Its working principle is similar to that of a rolling mill, but the object to be coiled is not sheeted steel but paper.


Rolling Machine Maintenance Procedures

  • When the main drive stops, the upper roller can be lifted and lowered, the overturned bearing can be tilted and reset, and the upper roller can be lifted.
  • During operation, if any abnormal phenomena such as irregular noise and impact are found, the machine should be stopped immediately for an inspection.
  • During the operation, all personnel should coordinate with each other, obey the person’s command in charge of the coil, and it is forbidden to start the machine without a password.
  • When rolling the plate, pay great attention to the hand being pressed by the steel plate and rolled in together with the steel plate.
  • Be careful not to collide with the machine when lifting the steel plate or reel with a crane.
  • After the plate rolling is completed, the site should be cleared as much as possible, and the maintenance of the equipment should be done well. The six-roller CNC plate rolling machine should be turned off in time.

How To Choose The Bearing Type

A high-quality plate rolling machine is composed of many components. The choice of each component will affect the work efficiency of the rolling plate machine. Four-roll CNC plate rolling machine suppliers choose the bearing type, so how do high-quality plate rolling machine suppliers?

The price of a CNC plate rolling machine is based on: the diameter of the installed bearing and the size, direction, and nature of the load on the bearing; the form of axial fixation; the requirement of self-aligning performance; the requirement of stiffness; the speed and working environment, etc.

The selection of shaft I, shaft II, and shaft III bearings is because the axial load of the shaft is almost no, and the radial load is much larger than the axial load so that the axial load can be ignored, and the speed is high.


Choose High-Quality Plate Rolling Machine Suppliers

The influence of the material of the sheet on the production of the sheet. One of the most important factors in the design of the sheet-rolling machine is the material of the sheet. It is necessary to cooperate with plate rolling machine suppliers who are willing to discuss the detailed requirements,purchasers must first learn to ask the right questions to get the desired answers.

Enterprises should also consider whether they need to roll conical or parabolic products to open up the market. The CNC plate rolling machine with thick upper rolls and thin rolls is an ideal model for rolling objects of this shape. The advantage of the machine is that it can effectively eliminate the wear on the surface of the material plate, which eliminates the edging process at the tip of the cone.

Purchasing must let the supplier know all the details and supply the rolling plate machine, including diameter, material, error, shape… For example, in the pressure vessel industry, there are often requirements such as diameter roundness error of less than 1% or no defects.

Sometimes the power of the rolling plate machine is too high, otherwise, the cylinder phenomenon will occur, which will directly lead to unqualified products, which will seriously affect the efficiency of the enterprise.

Plate rolling machine suppliers must consider all the special needs of buyers, and procurement must also find a manufacturer who is willing to sit down and discuss details one by one, many details are very important but are often ignored by buyers, at this time, The responsible manufacturer must confirm these details.

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