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Why does the tube bender have micro-cracks?

The carbon steel tube bending machine factory sometimes encounters customer inquiries about why the tube bender has micro-cracks, so how should we treat the micro-cracks on the tube bender?

Extensive research on how micro cracks affect the mechanical properties of carbon steel tube bending machines shows that yield strength and tensile strength are not affected at room temperature and higher temperatures. However, microcracks can cause significant changes in the groove impact value. The R&D team of the carbon steel tube bending machine factory researched the grain boundary crack. According to the forming conditions, the crack length can generally reach the damage mainly on the austenitic crystal boundary perpendicular to the seed’s stress direction (longitudinal axis), so it is also perpendicular to the slag inclusion of the stretched tube. After the steel pipe is bent, the structure is recrystallized through heat treatment to turn microcracks into crystal pulling.

The effects of microcracks on the creep state of metals have not been widely discussed. Microcracks generated in the induction heating bending process are mainly affected by deformation and deformation temperature. Therefore, the deformation plus deformation temperature increases when the limit condition is exceeded, and the microcracks increase. If the temperature is kept below the temperature at which microcracks are formed, bending with a predetermined bending radius can prevent microcracks from occurring.

Does the carbon steel tube bending machine oil circuit also need to be cleaned?

The primary function of a tube bender is to bend and mold the pipe so that a metal pipe is bent to the size and angle required by the process processing. This is a standard tool in general. This tool has gained momentum in the market in recent years, and now the industry is developed, which can bring exponential growth to the production efficiency of tube bender.

However, many people overlook that when the tube bender is bent, if the hydraulic oil circuit is not cleaned for a long time, it will cause failure due to jam valve and oil quality problems.

A good solution is daily maintenance—the hydraulic solenoid valve used on the tube bender of the carbon steel tube bending machine factory. Suppose the elbow has a jammed valve and a specific movement fails to operate. In that case, we should first disassemble the corresponding solenoid valve and clean it, and a suitable cleaning method is used. For the cleaning liquid, we can use kerosene, diesel, and gasoline to clean, manually disassemble the solenoid valve parts, carefully check if there are iron pins and debris inside, and use a high-pressure air gun to blow clean, and then put gasoline and kerosene into the bubble. After soaking, you should immediately use a high-pressure air gun to blow clean, try to blow the kerosene and other cleaning liquid inside, and then gradually install the parts. The hydraulic oil pump is also similar to that of a solenoid valve. When disassembling, try not to touch the electrical portion of the carbon steel tube bending machine with oil and water. It should be kept clean and fresh, or plastic wrap and plastic tape can wrap it well.

What impact does lubrication in the tube bender production process have on product quality?

Carbon steel tube bending machine is mainly used in electric power construction, railway construction, boiler, bridge, ship, furniture, decoration, etc. It has the advantages of many functions, reasonable structure, simple operation, convenient movement, fast installation, etc. In addition to bending pipe, the cylinder can also be used as a hydraulic jack. It has low price and convenient use characteristics and occupies the leading product orientation in domestic tube bender shopping malls. The use of labor and material payments that can reduce or even prevent the above pollution cleaning for enterprises has the characteristics of non-washing and direct welding, which significantly improves the enterprise’s production power and product quality.

In the traditional carbon steel tube bending machine production process, many methods will be adopted to obtain a better surface quality of the bent pipe, including using a more advanced and advanced tube bender, a mold with higher strength, and perhaps a smooth product. Using high-grade carbon steel tube bending machines and high-strength molds, enterprises often need to invest a lot of money as long as soft products with curved pipes are relatively low prices and fast to meet the requirements of enterprise product quality.

In the traditional application process of oil-based smooth products, the production power of enterprises is significantly constrained. The fluidity and challenging cleaning of oil-based soft products also cause pollution to the production environment and workers’ working conditions. The amount of elbow grease can usually be reduced by 50% to 80% compared to traditional smoothing oils, saving enterprises more money. However, in the conventional production process: oil-based elbow smooth products can satisfy the requirements of enterprises in bending quality in elbow production, but the difficulty of cleaning and environmental pollution of oil-based elbow soft products are very outstanding, so enterprises must choose more methods to eliminate the impact on the quality of products due to the selection of oil-based elbow smooth products, and invest more energy and money for this.

How to avoid noise in the tube bender?

The factory of the carbon steel tube bending machine uses an encoder to control the processing angle, so the machined elbow is a very accurate pitch. It is precisely because of this, making it is widely used in the profession. However, in the process of processing tube bender, the biggest drawback is that it is relatively noisy, which is also the primary reason why it cannot be used in many occupations, whether in auto parts or furniture making, etc., the use of tube bender is essential, the first effect of tube bender is to be able to process the elbow into any bend we need, It is also very convenient and safe to operate. Nowadays, many tube benders on the market use microcomputers to produce and function, and the intelligent chips used also have high sensitivity.

How can carbon steel tube bending machine suppliers effectively deal with this problem? All tube bender racks are the structure of the box and welded. The appearance of the speaker is similar, so the noise is also inevitable, and if it is severe, the noise will expand because under the condition of relatively low temperature, the grease of the lubricating oil in the tube bender will also increase, so the resistance of the sealing ring in the equipment to shorten the movement will also increase. It will be formed through The presentation of noise.

When welding the frame in the tube bender, it is necessary to ensure the quality of the welding parts and minimize the deformation conditions that may appear during the welding so that the noise of the tube bender can be appropriately reduced. When selecting the sealing ring, it is best to choose lubricating grease to withstand low temperatures. Lubricating oil plays a vital role in presenting the tube bender noise effects.

When choosing a tube bender, many manufacturers have requirements for its processing quality and high requirements for its operation comfort. At home and abroad, carbon steel tube bending machines also have requirements in terms of noise. The more considerable power is generally above 80dB. If used in a lower temperature environment, it will show a lot of noise, but it will even offer a consensus phenomenon.

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