The reason for the strong performance of hydraulic pipe bender

Hydraulic pipe bender is one of our main products, its wide range of applications favored by customers. The following small take you to understand why the hydraulic pipe bender performance is strong:.
Hydraulic pipe bender is an all-steel welded mechanism, hydraulic upper drive, vibration stress relief, high strength and good rigidity of the machine. Hydraulic pipe bender is by using the main cylinder (fixed on the wall plate) to do downward shear movement, nitrogen cylinder return, so simplify the hydraulic system, more stable operation.
Hydraulic pipe bender on the knife frame in the shearing process around a fixed axis for the arc swing, through the role of leverage, pivot point force is small, can improve the life of the shear edge, machine life, the machine’s compact structure, and can be infinitely adjustable on the knife frame stroke amount, greatly improving efficiency.
The above is why the hydraulic pipe bender powerful performance, I believe that we have an understanding of the hydraulic pipe bender! The company to advanced technology, sophisticated production, to ensure the quality of the product and customer benefits, the unanimous approval of customers!

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