How much do you know about the technical characteristics of aCNC pipe bender?

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Do you know about the pipe bending machine? Today, the editor of Heli Machinery will talk to you about it. It can be divided into CNC pipe bender, hydraulic pipe bending machines, etc.

A pipe bending machine has the advantages of many functions, reasonable structure, simple operation, easy movement, fast installation, etc. It is mainly used in electric power construction, railway construction, pipeline laying, and construction of boilers, bridges, ships, furniture, decoration, etc. In these fields, the most commonly used CNC pipe bending machine has two-axis servo motor control, which controls pipe feeding and transfers, respectively, while the bending action is still driven by a cylinder, and the encoder feedback angle is still used. There is also a CNC pipe bender, which adopts three-axis servo drive control, has more bending shafts, and uses a servo motor to replace the cylinder bending pipe, which has the advantages of high precision, fast efficiency, and good stability. Next, let’s take a look at the characteristics of the three-axis servo CNC pipe bender.

Three-axis servo CNC pipe bender is controlled by PLC, three-axis servo motor with hydraulic drive, display operating system is touch type full Chinese menu type, with a variety of different bending angles prefabricated, Chinese subtitles display, human-machine interactive operation, manual, the semi-automatic operation mode can be arbitrarily selected, mobile foot switch has both start and stops functions.

The equipment has a full-function device for bending three-dimensional space pipe fittings, and the whole bending process is completed automatically by inputting the program. The whole machine has the characteristics of easy operation, stable performance, high working efficiency, and high safety factor, and it is ideal equipment for the pipe fitting processing industry.

Advantages of three-axis servo CNC pipe bender:

(1) Strong bending ability and high quality of bending pipe. The diameter of the new pipe bending machine, the maximum thickness of the elbow, and the radius range of the elbow are 50% higher than that of the original pipe bending machine. The maximum specification radius of the original pipe bending machine is 42mm × 4mm, and the minimum bending radius is 3 times the pipe diameter; while the maximum specification of the new pipe bending machine can reach a radius of 63mm × 6mm, and the minimum bending radius can reach twice the pipe diameter. At the same time, the phenomenon of anti-wrinkle and excessive thinning on the outside has been significantly reduced due to the addition of a three-axis servo CNC pipe bender.


(2) The bending process is automated, and the processing efficiency is high. When used in the original pipe bending machine to process pipe blanks, the whole bending process is manually operated by staff. The bending dies advance and retracts speed are the same, and the work efficiency is low. The equipment adopts programmable control to make the bending process automatic. Through torque adjustment speed, the bending die is smoothly bent and quickly reset, which greatly improves the processing efficiency and reduces the labor intensity of workers.

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(3) The bending process has high precision. There is no angle control device on the manual pipe bending machine. The size of the elbow angle is judged by visual inspection by the operator. The bending accuracy is only ±5°, which is difficult to meet the accuracy requirements of bending products. The three-axis CNC pipe bender adopts a servo motor to automatically and accurately control the bending angle, and the accuracy can reach ±0.05°, which fully meets the precision requirements of bending products.

(4) High mechanical efficiency and low energy consumption. Hydraulic pipe bending machine adopts single-pump oil supply and relief valve to control system pressure. Once the system pressure is adjusted, it cannot be changed at will. In order to bend pipes of different specifications, they can only be adjusted according to large specifications, so when bending small-sized pipes, it wastes energy like a big horse-drawn cart. The three-axis servo CNC pipe bender adopts servo motor torque control, which requires high power only when high torque is required, thus reducing power consumption and improving the overall mechanical efficiency, saving 50% energy compared with the original pipe bending machine.

(5) Safe, reliable, and easy to operate. Since the original pipe bending machine’s electrical control system elbow is composed of relay contactors, accidents such as false relay contact, contact adhesion, and even burning often occur during switching, causing damage to the device and affecting production. The control system of the three-axis servo CNC pipe bender adopts a programmable controller, which greatly improves the reliability of the system and the degree of automation of the equipment and reduces the labor intensity of workers. The system’s self-locking function and fault alarm function fundamentally guarantee the safety of the operator and the three-axis servo CNC pipe bending machine.


What are the solutions to CNC pipe bender:

1) How to solve the crease of the CNC pipe bender:

  • Replacement of thick-walled pipe fittings.
  • Increase the bending radius.
  • If the above conditions do not allow, add an anti-wrinkle mold and add a mandrel. Square tubes and rectangular tubes can be reinforced on the bending die.

2) The solution to the lack of fullness of the elbow:

  • Increase core drawing for bending.
  • Increase the clamping force to prevent slipping.
  • Increase side thrust to reduce the roundness of the elbow.
  • By increasing the feeding servo, a strong rear top thrust is given when bending the pipe.

3) Solution to the outer thinning of the elbow:

  • Increase the bend radius to reduce the rate of material deformation within a unit angle.
  • Reduce the mandrel diameter to appropriately reduce the fullness of the elbow.
  • Improve the finish of the mandrel to reduce friction with the outside of the elbow.
  • Increase lubrication and reduce friction resistance of elbows and mandrel by using a good elbow to stretch oil.
  • Increase lateral auxiliary thrust to reduce the amount of thinning of the outer wall of the elbow.
  • By increasing the feeding servo, a strong rear top thrust is given when bending the pipe.
  • Appropriately reduce the bending speed of the CNC pipe bender.

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