Which Automatic Pipe Bender Is Better?

automatic pipe bender

An automatic pipe bender refers to a machine used for pipe bending, which can set multiple pipe bend angle settings to realize the fully automatic operation of numerous pipe benders. It is mainly used for electric power construction, highway and railway construction, boilers, bridges, ships, and furniture. Pipe laying and repairing in decoration and other aspects has the advantages of multiple functions, reasonable structure, and simple operation.

 Powerful Automatic Pipe Bender automatic pipe bender

CNC Automatic Pipe Bending Machine SB-38CNC-2A1S utilizes the unique principle of rotary feed. The tool rotates around cold-rolled steel pipes, hot-rolled steel pipes, carbon steel pipes, alloy steel pipes, forged steel pipes, cast steel pipes, and other steel pipes.

The current automatic pipe bender has strong advantages and many features. We cooperate with several technologies. The recent CNC Automatic Pipe Bending Machine SB-38CNC-2A1S cuts steel pipes easily and at high speed. High-speed steel blades with extremely high hardness are used to cut into layers. Steel pipe until cut.

The upper tool rest of the automatic pipe bender swings in a circular arc around a fixed axis during the shearing process. Through the action of leverage, the force on the fulcrum is small, which can improve the life of the shearing edge and the machine’s life. The whole machine has a compact structure and can infinitely Adjust the stroke amount of the upper tool holder, which greatly improves the work efficiency.

The automatic pipe bender is an all-steel welding mechanism with upper hydraulic transmission, vibration stress relief, high mechanical strength, and good rigidity. The equipment adopts the main oil cylinder (fixed on the wall plate) for downward shearing movement. The nitrogen cylinder returns, so the hydraulic system is simplified and more stable operation.

 Automatic Pipe Bender Life Extension Method

CNC Automatic Pipe Bending Machine SB-50CNC-2A1S is also one of the chamfering machines. The development of this industry has also encountered many challenges, but it is still developing in challenges today, and it is a very tenacious industry. The chamfering machine has evolved in the industry, but its development has not been smooth, and until now, its challenges have always existed.

The evenly distributed machining allowance of CNC Automatic Pipe Bending Machine SB-50CNC-2A1S ensures high productivity with continuous surface and safe bending process.

The bending speed and feed rate can also be kept at a constant high level when the angle is constant. In this way, the mold action and working load change on the chamfering machine are small, so less heat and fatigue are generated, and the CNC Automatic Pipe Bending Machine SB-50CNC-2A1S is improved from the surface Service life.

Select the products and mold materials produced by the high-quality edge chamfering machine factory. One of the main goals of an automatic pipe bender in the bending process is to create a fully automatic pipe bender for each bending process. Evenly distributed machining allowance. This means that different bending die angles must be used, and the leading edge chamfering machine should be as close as possible to the final shape of the dice in each process.

How To Solve The Noise Problem Of Automatic Pipe Benderchina automatic pipe bender

The problem of automatic pipe bender noise has always puzzled enterprise users. How to solve the problem of pipe bender noise ingeniously is the most troublesome thing for users. The first is to control the noise index.

The noise of automatic pipe bender affects users when using elbows The comfort of the equipment is an important indicator to measure the quality of the pipe bender. In most countries, the noise of high-power pipe benders is generally above 80dB, especially in places with low temperatures; it is not only the noise large but also the phenomenon of resonance. The noise of foreign high-power pipe benders is generally below 76dB.

The automatic pipe bender rack is a welded box structure, similar to a speaker, and has an amplifying effect on noise. At the same time, in places where the temperature is low, the movement resistance increases due to the increase in the degree of lubricating grease and the shrinkage of the sealing ring, which further aggravates the generation of noise.

During the welding process of the frame, it is necessary to ensure the quality of the welded parts, reduce the welding deformation, and add appropriate reinforcing ribs so that the soundbox effect is difficult to form. At the same time, the use of low-temperature-resistant lubricating grease and sealing rings can reduce noise.

 What Is The Difference Between An Automatic Pipe Bender And a Cnc Pipe Bender?

The CNC pipe bender is easy to understand; the entire production pipe bending process is fully automated. The basic steps of the automatic pipe bender production operation are first for the operator to manually load the part. The machine clamps, bend, and releases the region, and then the machine stops and waits for The operator removes the part or repositions it for a second bend.

Finally, the device returns to the starting position and is ready for the next turn on the same or new part. But the automatic pipe bender cannot make multiple bends on a single domain.

Choose Automatic Pipe Bender Or Cnc

The first is the number of bends of the part to be machined. If it is to make a single-bend part, an automatic machine is usually enough because it can generally be like a CNC machine. If there are multiple bends in regions, such as in the exhaust system or fuel lines, CNC machines provide higher repeatability, reduce operator involvement and improve performance.

In some cases, it depends on the number of parts. If the advantage is to customize several factors, the automatic pipe bender provides more flexibility and control over one-time custom parts.

How Much Does It Cost To Purchase An Automatic Pipe Bender?

First look at the product parameters of the automatic pipe binder factory, including how long the pipe can be bent, the maximum bending angle, bending radius, various motor sizes, feeding accuracy, speed, turning accuracy, machine weight, operating system, etc., performance The better the automatic pipe bender, the more expensive it is.

Secondly, look at the brand. Different automatic pipe binder factory have various technical reserves. The performance and quality of the full automatic pipe bender produced are other.

The service life of the product will also be different. The prices between them are often quite different. The equipment produced by Heli Machinery belongs to the world’s great automatic pipe bender manufacturer in terms of product quality and performance.

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